How To Spell Shai?

Correct spelling: Shai

What does the abbreviation Shai mean?


Shai as a boy's name is of Hebrew and Aramaic origin, and the meaning of Shai is "gift".

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What are the usage examples for Shai?

  1. One of the oldest of these later substitutes for the Book of the Dead is the Shai en Sensen, or " Book of Breathings." – The Literature of the Ancient Egyptians by E. A. Wallis Budge

What are the rhymes for Shai?

  1. die, fly, sty, sy, lye, keye, wy, spy, sky, nigh, fry, yie, hy, ngai, pry, sai, ay, fi, lai, pae, try, hi, thai, sigh, pye, bly, fye, sly, tie, mei, brye, nye, bye, vy, lie, high, why, nie, guy, kwai, chi, tye, cy, tae, kyi, rye, dry, tai, dai, tsai, frye, wai, wry, kai, aye, thy, pri, mai, psi, vie, spry, flye, vi, bligh, cai, shy, chai, bi, gae, lxi, wye, ply, my, gyi, dye, ly, pi, fae, ty, phy, by, sri, pie, cry, thigh, pty, phi, chae, jai, bae, ai, eye, sci, buy;
  2. goodbye, bonsai, versailles, whereby, rely, imply, comply, shanghai, iwai, reply, defy, kanai, brunei, hi-fi, mihai, descry, dubai, imai, deny, belie, retry, nearby, ally, july, apply, alai, awry, bye-bye, thereby, decry, uy, mcfly, hereby, supply, untie, good-bye, standby;
  3. underlie, dui, misapply, overfly, resupply;
  4. isty, cspi, oversupply;
  5. dwi;