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How To Spell share?

Correct spelling: share

What are the misspellings for share ?

  • fairshare,
  • sharin,
  • sharan,
  • shrim,
  • shraed,
  • dhare,
  • chrade,
  • siaze,
  • shar,
  • whare,
  • sahre,
  • sharde,
  • thare,
  • shaer,
  • shugar,
  • meshure,
  • hsare,
  • shoafer,
  • chere,
  • hapshire,
  • pharo,
  • shoreup,
  • cheapre,
  • sahra,
  • bioshpere,
  • shireff,
  • charie,
  • chalrie,
  • sphare,
  • sharea,
  • yeare,
  • yorshire,
  • shurely,
  • charr,
  • shrley,
  • shaired,
  • sharly,
  • sgare,
  • shoree,
  • shirl,
  • shpae,
  • sharee,
  • chiore,
  • shure,
  • shurb,
  • soare,
  • shareit,
  • lecharer,
  • chari,
  • hamshire,
  • shrave,
  • shreen,
  • chares,
  • charfe,
  • shreck,
  • shapr,
  • sharade,
  • sauare,
  • shaoe,
  • shre,
  • shere,
  • chrew,
  • sharew,
  • ceare,
  • shair,
  • shearch,
  • shary,
  • chruh,
  • oshare,
  • phere,
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  • shoue,
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  • shaower,
  • ashere,
  • shaorn,
  • shaire,
  • choreo,
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  • shrare,
  • chiara,
  • showr,
  • shapre,
  • thay're,
  • shappire,
  • desiare,
  • sharge,
  • cashire,
  • shotaro,
  • disiare,
  • bershire,
  • sharley,
  • shouro,
  • shoure,
  • shakira,
  • shera,
  • shawer,
  • shrip,
  • shorage.

What is the definition of share?

  1. To have a part or dividend. To go shares, to be equally concerned. See Shear.
  2. A part; a portion; a part of a thing owned by a number in common; allotment; a dividend; a plough-share.

What does the abbreviation share mean?

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What are the quotes for share?

  1. Your successes and happiness are forgiven you only if you generously consent to share them.
  2. Why can't you share your bed? The most loving thing to do is to share your bed with someone. It's very charming. It's very sweet. It's what the whole world should do.
  3. The miracle is this: the more we share the more we have.
  4. Democracy is too good to share with just anybody.
  5. Social Security makes up a much larger share of total retirement income for unmarried women and minorities than it does for married couples, unmarried men and whites.

What are the rhymes for share?

  1. pear, bear, fer, mer, spare, cher, heir, chair, maire, sare, scare, rare, terre, mare, bare, hair, ne'er, skare, mair, fair, tear, flair, derr, prayer, darr, err, claire, sayre, care, lehr, square, blare, hehr, ware, where, flare, pair, fare, there, clair, eyre, werre, stair, baer, their, serr, air, nair, glare, faire, blair, bair, guerre, kehr, they're, khmer, swear, wear, pare, hare, herr, lare, gare, ferre, dare, bahr, clare, snare, lair, gair, stare, gehr;
  2. swissair, astaire, impair, montclair, adair, midair, forswear, repair, unfair, alair, pierre, abair, declare, sinclair, compare, beware, adaire, moliere, o'hare, allaire, voltaire, aware, belair, comair, ensnare, prepare, mcnair, affair, dispair, despair;
  3. unaware, aer, solitaire, doctrinaire, disrepair, debonair, javier, icelandair, usair, billionaire, millionaire, questionnaire;
  4. concessionaire;
  5. multimillionaire;

What are the translations for share?

Chinese words for Share

股, 分, 份额, 分享, 分股, 分掉.

Dutch words for Share

deel, stuk, gedeelte, aandeel, marktaandeel, delen, mededelen, verdelen, participatie, portie.

French words for Share

répartir, transmettre, actions, volume, partager, diviser, partir, avoir en commun, diffuser, participation, partagé, social, quota, pourcentage, quote-part, dividende.

German words for Share

Belang, Anteil, freigeben, Beitrag, Aktie, Beteiligung, Teil, Quote, teilen, gemeinsam benutzen, Portion, Geschäftsanteil, Pflugschar, Part, Kontingent, mitbenutzen, Action, Proportion.

Hindi word for Share


Italian words for Share

azione, partecipazione, ripartizione, titolo azionario.

Japanese words for Share

共有, シェア, 分かち合う, 分担, 共にする, 配当, 分け合う, わかちあう, 分かつ, 取前, とりまえ, わけとる, 別け前, 割り前, わりまえ, 別つ, 取り前, もやう, 分つ, 催合う, 頒つ, わけあう, 徳分, わけもつ, 得分, あかつ, 分け取る, ぶんたん, 割前.

Javanese word for Share


Korean word for Share


Malay word for Share


Marathi word for Share

शेअर करा.

Norwegian word for Share


Polish word for Share


Portuguese words for Share

participação, ação, compartilhar, partilhar, fatia, percentagem, quota-parte, fracção.

Spanish words for Share

cuota, compartir, contar, dividir, parte, participación, acción, porcentaje, valor, tajada, tener en común, de participación, accionario, cota, del.

Turkish word for Share