How To Spell She?

Correct spelling: She

What does the abbreviation She mean?


She- as a girl's name is pronounced she. It is of American origin. Combination of the She- prefix with various name endings. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second syllable. See also Sha- and Shan-.
  • Sherisa,
  • Shelanna,
  • Shenelle,
  • Shevonda,
  • Shelonda.

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What are the rhymes for She?

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  5. awb;

What are the translations for She?

Arabic word for She


Chinese words for She

SY, 她.

Dutch words for She

zij, Hun, ze, zij.

German words for She

Dia, sie, Haar.

Greek word for She


Japanese words for She

彼女, 奴さん, かのじょ, やっこさん, 彼女は.

Javanese word for She


Korean word for She

그 여자.

Marathi word for She


Portuguese words for She

ela, lei.

Russian word for She


Spanish words for She

O, ella.

Turkish words for She

Elle, ona.

Ukrainian word for She


Vietnamese words for She

hôn, cô ấy.