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Spell Check of Shea

Correct spelling: Shea

Definition of Shea:

  1. A tropical tree yielding a sort of butter.

Common misspellings for Shea:

sghea, syhea, sh4a, swhea, shea, s hea, sgea.

Shea \shea\

Shea as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Shea), is pronounced shay. It is of Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Shea is "admirable". Also possibly (Irish, Gaelic) "from the fairy fort". Basketball player Shea Ralph.
Che, shaw, shia, Shaya, She.
Shai, shay, Shae, Shays, Shaye, Shaylon, Shayla, shay, Shae, Shaye, Shayda, Shaylyn, Shaylee, Shaelee.

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Rhymes for Shea:

  1. play, de, che, sze, yea, bray, stray, tay, spray, flay, kay, ae, daye, brae, se, cray, rey, quai, hay, slay, bey, they, blay, yay, fey, sway, re, haye, lay, mey, lait, whey, brey, drey, stay, way, fay, cay, trey, grey, wy, faye, dae, day, quay, wray, nay, ney, dray, fray, bay, hey, sleigh, maye, ray, tae, raye, ca, wei, k, mae, waye, khe, gray, hwe, gway, fe, gaye, jay, say, jae, dey, saye, prey, nej, pray, lei, wey, graye, neigh, pay, shay, vey, may, sta, mei, paye, ay, ne, jaye, frey, ley, rae, clay, j, pei, tray, klay, kaye, weigh;
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