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Spell Check of sheik

Correct spelling: sheik


Definition of sheik:

  1. An Arab chief; a lord; a Mohammedan priest.

Common misspellings for sheik:

shreek, shi, sheak, shreik, cheik, shiek, shelk, scheek, shaik, sheek, shek.

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This graph shows how "sheik" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for sheik:

  1. They jeered at and jostled him, but at evening the old sheik, who superintended the work, gave him twelve dates. "In Desert and Wilderness" , Henryk Sienkiewicz.

Quotes for sheik:

  1. Sheik Hilaly is making a good contribution. He is making a good contribution. - Alexander Downer
  2. The sheik is, thank God, still alive and this hurts Bush who promised to his people to kill Osama. - Mohammed Omar

Rhymes for sheik:

  1. antique, batik, belgique, bespeak, boutique, cacique, critique, henrique, misspeak, monique, mystique, oblique, physique, respeak, tariq, technique, unique.
  2. beak, bleak, cheek, chic, cleek, clique, creak, creek, eke, freak, geek, greek, leak, leek, meek, paek, peak, peek, pique, reek, seaq, seek, sheikh, shriek, sikh, sleek, sneak, speak, squeak, streak, teac, teak, tweak, weak, week, wreak, zeke.
  3. dominique, martinique, mozambique, veronique.
  4. geac.
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