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How To Spell shell?

Correct spelling: shell

List of misspellings for shell:

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  • shelll,
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What does the abbreviation shell mean?


Shell as a girl's name. Possibly short form of Michelle or Shelley, or from the object.

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1999 Shell Championship Series



The 1999 Shell Championship Series was a motor racing series for V8 Supercars which began on 28 March 1999 at Eastern Creek Raceway and ended on 14 November at the Mount Panorama Circuit after 13 rounds.

2001 Shell Championship Series



The 2001 Shell Championship Series was a motor racing competition for V8 Supercars. The championship, which was the third Shell Championship Series, began on 25 March 2001 at Phillip Island and ended on 2 December at Sandown after 13 rounds.

Shell Bay


Shell Bay is a small bay in Dorset, England on the Studland peninsula. It is on the south side of the mouth of Poole Harbour and connected with Sandbanks by the Sandbanks Ferry which runs regularly across the entrance to the harbour and carries vehicles, foot passengers and cyclists.

Shell City


Town in Minnesota

Shell City is a ghost town in section 2 of Shell River Township in Wadena County, Minnesota, United States.

William Shell



William Elson Shell, M.D., is an American cardiologist and inventor of weight-loss products. He owns several U.S. patents. Shell has been banned from the securities industry for life as a result of a federal SEC conviction.

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Rhymes for shell:

  1. knell, yell, mel, spell, dell, stelle, snell, nelle, sell, stell, fel, swell, helle, delle, pell, ell, schell, nel, belle, bel, chell, elle, tell, smell, fell, cell, nell, cel, well, ehle, gel, quell, gehl, dwell, kjell, del, frel, kal, l, tel, kell, el, zel, jell, mell, bell;
  2. retell, rudelle, brunelle, odell, marcelle, gazelle, twaddell, novell, fidel, cattell, giselle, ruelle, moselle, daniele, mattel, lavelle, miguel, estelle, farewell, mirell, atwell, misspell, montel, marvelle, rachelle, adel, nobel, expel, hillel, mozelle, outsell, randell, noelle, mirelle, shirelle, michelle, janelle, befell, motel, lyell, raquel, michele, arnelle, corel, impel, chanel, rochelle, unsell, darnell, waddell, joelle, propel, noel, cornell, cabell, adell, repel, ferrel, elwell, carvel, akel, cordell, mantell, carel, darrelle, marcel, markel, tyrrell, michel, danelle, pastel, apel, manuel, mabelle, intel, morrell, ardelle, sydell, rozelle, burrell, marvell, niguel, bechtel, ul, chapell, dantrell, madelle, samelle, udelle, purcell, sibelle, gabel, nouvelle, adele, hormel, martelle, grinnell, accel, foretell, shirell, dispel, ancel, carmel, resell, rebel, cartel, maybelle, ravel, lapel, ansel, compel, sharell, excel, hotel, bedel, cornelle, adelle, anwell, romelle, leonelle, rangel, morel, angelle, arel, cavell, patel, mendell, varvel, capelle;
  3. personnel, mirabel, rafael, aol, danielle, avenel, isabell, orabel, raphael, gabriele, clientele;
  4. mademoiselle, nepl, aix-la-chapelle, materiel;

Translations for shell:

Arabic word for Shell


Chinese words for Shell

外壳, 空壳.

Dutch words for Shell

huls, schelp, schaal, schil, schulp, granaat, pantser, beschieten, dop, schillen, Granada, bombarderen, omhulsel.

French words for Shell

coque, coquille, obus, carapace, coquillage, bombarder, décortiquer, virole, carcasse.

German words for Shell

Gerippe, Schild, Mantel, Schale, Panzer, Haus, Enveloppe, Geschoss, pellen, Muschel, Rohbau, bombardieren, Shell, Granate, Schneckengehäuse, beschießen, Muschelschale, Zylindergehäuse, Rennruderboot, Nabenteil.

Hindi word for Shell


Italian words for Shell

guscio, conchiglia, corazza.

Japanese words for Shell

シェル, 貝, 殻, 甲羅, 貝殻, 外殻, 砲弾, コキール, 甲殻, 貝がら, 甲, かいがら, だんがん, 貝殼, ほうだん, 甲皮, こうら, こうひ, コキーユ, 弾丸, 砲丸, こうかく.

Javanese word for Shell


Korean word for Shell


Norwegian word for Shell


Polish words for Shell

powłoka, obudowa, skorupa, pancerz, łupina, muszelka, łuska, skorupka.

Portuguese words for Shell

invólucro, casca, carapaça, descascar.

Romanian word for Shell


Russian words for Shell

оболочка, снаряд, раковина, скорлупа, панцирь.

Spanish words for Shell

carcasa, caparazón, concha, cáscara, proyectil, cartucho, pelar, bombardear, revestimiento, bomba, envoltura, escudo, estuche, desconchar, casco, chasis, valva, cascarón, coraza, intérprete, descascarar.

Turkish word for Shell