How To Spell shell?

Correct spelling: shell

What does the abbreviation shell mean?


Shell as a girl's name. Possibly short form of Michelle or Shelley, or from the object.

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What are the rhymes for shell?

  1. knell, yell, mel, spell, dell, stelle, snell, nelle, sell, stell, fel, swell, helle, delle, pell, ell, schell, nel, belle, bel, chell, elle, tell, smell, fell, cell, nell, cel, well, ehle, gel, quell, gehl, dwell, kjell, del, frel, kal, l, tel, kell, el, zel, jell, mell, bell;
  2. retell, rudelle, brunelle, odell, marcelle, gazelle, twaddell, novell, fidel, cattell, giselle, ruelle, moselle, daniele, mattel, lavelle, miguel, estelle, farewell, mirell, atwell, misspell, montel, marvelle, rachelle, adel, nobel, expel, hillel, mozelle, outsell, randell, noelle, mirelle, shirelle, michelle, janelle, befell, motel, lyell, raquel, michele, arnelle, corel, impel, chanel, rochelle, unsell, darnell, waddell, joelle, propel, noel, cornell, cabell, adell, repel, ferrel, elwell, carvel, akel, cordell, mantell, carel, darrelle, marcel, markel, tyrrell, michel, danelle, pastel, apel, manuel, mabelle, intel, morrell, ardelle, sydell, rozelle, burrell, marvell, niguel, bechtel, ul, chapell, dantrell, madelle, samelle, udelle, purcell, sibelle, gabel, nouvelle, adele, hormel, martelle, grinnell, accel, foretell, shirell, dispel, ancel, carmel, resell, rebel, cartel, maybelle, ravel, lapel, ansel, compel, sharell, excel, hotel, bedel, cornelle, adelle, anwell, romelle, leonelle, rangel, morel, angelle, arel, cavell, patel, mendell, varvel, capelle;
  3. personnel, mirabel, rafael, aol, danielle, avenel, isabell, orabel, raphael, gabriele, clientele;
  4. mademoiselle, nepl, aix-la-chapelle, materiel;

What are the translations for shell?

Arabic word for Shell


Chinese words for Shell

外壳, 空壳.

Dutch words for Shell

huls, schelp, schaal, schil, schulp, granaat, pantser, beschieten, dop, schillen, Granada, bombarderen, omhulsel.

French words for Shell

coque, coquille, obus, carapace, coquillage, bombarder, décortiquer, virole, carcasse.

German words for Shell

Gerippe, Schild, Mantel, Schale, Panzer, Haus, Enveloppe, Geschoss, pellen, Muschel, Rohbau, bombardieren, Shell, Granate, Schneckengehäuse, beschießen, Muschelschale, Zylindergehäuse, Rennruderboot, Nabenteil.

Hindi word for Shell


Italian words for Shell

guscio, conchiglia, corazza.

Japanese words for Shell

シェル, 貝, 殻, 甲羅, 貝殻, 外殻, 砲弾, コキール, 甲殻, 貝がら, 甲, かいがら, だんがん, 貝殼, ほうだん, 甲皮, こうら, こうひ, コキーユ, 弾丸, 砲丸, こうかく.

Javanese word for Shell


Korean word for Shell


Norwegian word for Shell


Polish words for Shell

powłoka, obudowa, skorupa, pancerz, łupina, muszelka, łuska, skorupka.

Portuguese words for Shell

invólucro, casca, carapaça, descascar.

Romanian word for Shell


Russian words for Shell

оболочка, снаряд, раковина, скорлупа, панцирь.

Spanish words for Shell

carcasa, caparazón, concha, cáscara, proyectil, cartucho, pelar, bombardear, revestimiento, bomba, envoltura, escudo, estuche, desconchar, casco, chasis, valva, cascarón, coraza, intérprete, descascarar.

Turkish word for Shell