How To Spell shop?

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What does the abbreviation shop mean?

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What are the rhymes for shop?

  1. lop, chop, glop, stop, hoppe, cop, bop, flop, op, drop, yopp, slop, hop, ropp, topp, knop, raap, hopp, mop, lopp, paap, dopp, swap, opp, plop, bopp, jopp, pop, sop, sopp, shoppe, popp, top, copp, swapp, wop, prop, crop;
  2. nonstop, atop;

What are the translations for shop?

Arabic word for Shop


Chinese words for Shop

店, 商店, 本店, 馆, 铺子, 零售店, 铺户, 铺家, 垆.

Dutch words for Shop

werkplaats, winkelen, zaak.

French words for Shop

acheter, magasin, courses, magasiner, faire les magasins, faire du shopping, faire des courses.

German words for Shop

kaufen, Betrieb, laden, einkaufen, Werkstatt, Winkel, Magazin, Atelier, Shop, Verkaufsstelle, Boutique, Ladengeschäft, Ladenlokal, Kaufladen, shoppen, Einkäufe tätigen, Einkäufe machen.

Greek word for Shop


Italian words for Shop

negozio, bottega, spaccio.

Japanese words for Shop

ショップ, 店頭, 商店, みせや, はんばいてん, 見世棚, 商屋, こうじょ, てんとう, 工所, あきないや.

Javanese word for Shop


Korean word for Shop


Malay word for Shop


Marathi word for Shop


Norwegian word for Shop


Polish word for Shop


Portuguese words for Shop

negócio, comércio, loja, fazer compras, ir às compras.

Russian words for Shop

лавка, магазинный.

Spanish words for Shop

comprar, taller, tienda, oficina, ir de compras.

Tamil word for Shop


Turkish word for Shop