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Correct spelling: short

Definition of short:

  1. Brittle.
  2. A summary account.
  3. Shortness.
  4. Not long.
  5. Not long; not of long duration; not of sufficient length or range; defective; scanty; brief; concise; brittle; friable; abrupt; petulant.
  6. To shorten. To be short, to be scantily supplied. To come short, to fail. To cut short, to abridge. To fall short, to fail; to be less. To stop short, to stop at once, or without reaching the point intended. To turn short, to turn without making a compass. To be taken short, to be seized with urgent necessity. In short, briefly.

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Quotes for short:

  1. Life is very short... but I would like to live four times and if I could, I would set out to do no other things than I am seeking now to do.
  2. For me, being a writer was never a choice. I was born one. All through my childhood I wrote short stories and stuffed them in drawers. I wrote on everything. I didn't do my homework so I could write.
  3. We busted a lot of family secrets with this. But to make a long story short, my parents relationship was built heavily on security issues for my Mom, and when my Dad couldn't provide security, the relationship unraveled.
  4. Rekindled love is generally short -term.
  5. What I would do is a 10 -minute short of some kind on video, and if it's good enough, you get it passed around town and just get some attention, so then they'll read what you have.

Rhymes for short:

  1. tort, forte, foret, cort, swart, extort, exhort, bort, mort, resort, torte, thwart, support, quart, kort, escort, sport, wart, ort, report, import, ct, dort, ohrt, port, fort, boart, court, norte, transport, purport, stuart, snort, sort, porte;
  2. assort, distort, consort, abort, deport, contort, athwart, cavort, comport;
  3. teleport, misreport;
  4. underreport;