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What are the rhymes for show?

  1. roe, cousteau, grow, chateaux, chateau, renaud, goh, stow, low, fro, loh, rouleau, joe, tableau, bowe, foe, ro, wo, flow, doe, gogh, bestow, tso, tableaux, yau, forgo, nau, outgrow, escoe, know, poh, giraud, aux, nouveau, toe, quo, row, sow, margaux, tallyho, slow, noe, glo, kyo, ngo, gau, blow, defoe, cro, tyo, tarot, jo, noh, tho, trow, munro, koh, so-so, snow, thoreau, woe, glow, tow, gro, kowtow, stowe, owe, coe, thibault, doh, plough, rideau, forego, throw, perot, goe, marceau, sgro, plateau, yo, luo, yoh, floe, moe, hello, dau, eau, bo, whoa, sloe, zoh, bio, monroe, loew, poe, below, peugeot, though, hoh, mau, inco, boe, co, papo, yoe, rowe, escrow, so, ow, chau, oh, devaux, gloe, rho, bro, dough, bordeaux, kayo, uno, beau, au, beaux, hoe, loe, ko, undergo, lo, pro, joh, roh, sew, flo, mo, vo, turbot, strow, rondeau, truffaut, bow, cho, cloe, ho, cabo, mow, o', lowe, loewe, crow, go;
  2. although, ago, renault, miro, pernod, arnaud, aglow, arnault;
  3. imo, eeo, apropos, taekwondo, overflow, ivo;
  4. celo;

What are the translations for show?

Chinese words for Show

示, 展示, 表演, 演出, 展览, 出示, 展览会, 献, 露出, 指引, 教会, 表露, 寄予.

Dutch words for Show

aangeven, vertonen, demonstreren, voorstelling, optreden, weergeven, manifesteren, uitzending, tentoonstelling, schouwspel, openbaren, verschijnen, tentoonstellen, vertoning, aanwijzen, tentoonspreiden, opvoering.

French words for Show

passer, afficher, exposer, montrer, conduire, spectacle, marquer, indiquer, exprimer, prouver, manifester, accompagner, venir, dénoter, séance.

German words for Show

ausstellen, Ausstellung, angeben, Auftritt, Vorstellung, Darbietung, zeigen, aufdecken, Exposition, darstellen, anzeigen, beweisen, merken, bekunden, aufweisen, abbilden, Laufen, Veranstaltung, auftauchen, Bekundung, spielen, aufzeigen, Schau, vorweisen, vorzeigen, Sendung, Verstellung, erweisen, Show, ausweisen, tönen, einblenden, demonstrieren, sichtbar machen, herzeigen, zu sehen sein, sichtbar sein, bezeigen, Schauspielerei, Kabarett, Spektakel, Manifestation, Salon.

Hindi word for Show


Italian words for Show

spettacolo, programma, esposizione, dimostrazione, manifestazione.

Japanese words for Show

見せる, 披露, ていする, 現す, 表わす, 見せ物, 見世物, 見せつける, はっき, みばえ, おめにかける, ていす, 見せ付ける, 行る, みせつける, きょしょく, うつしだす, 体裁, お目に掛ける, みせかけ, 呈する, 呈す, ひょうす, だす, ちらつかせる, 供覧, たいさい, むきだす, いづ, 陳列, てんらん.

Javanese word for Show


Korean word for Show


Malay word for Show


Marathi word for Show


Norwegian word for Show


Polish words for Show

wykazywać, wykazać, pokazywać, prezentować, ukazać, ukazywać, pokazać, zademonstrować, dowieść, demonstrować, pojawiać się, być widoczny, widowisko.

Portuguese words for Show

exibir, mostra, mostrar a, demonstrar, espetáculo, festa, comprovar, espectáculo.

Russian words for Show

проявлять, указывать, появляться, шоу, представление, видимость, показательный, отражать, представить, показываться, выказывать, обнаруживаться, зрелище, смотр, балаган, обманчивый вид.

Spanish words for Show

programa, presentar, mostrar, demostrar, marcar, indicar, exponer, arrojar, aparecer, enseñar, espectáculo, exposición, evento, manifestar, concierto, desfile.

Tamil word for Show


Vietnamese word for Show

buổi biểu diễn.