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How To Spell shut?

Correct spelling: shut

What are the misspellings for shut ?

  • shat,
  • shoft,
  • shoert,
  • shourd,
  • chutch,
  • shitf,
  • shote,
  • shrt,
  • shitt,
  • shft,
  • shawt,
  • shup,
  • shouw,
  • shour,
  • shatt,
  • ybut,
  • shhh,
  • sheft,
  • shuld,
  • shough,
  • shott,
  • shu,
  • shert,
  • shouro,
  • shuch,
  • shouth,
  • shutown,
  • shet,
  • whut,
  • chaught,
  • shud,
  • shaout,
  • shurb,
  • shirtt,
  • shrot,
  • shiert,
  • shti,
  • shhot,
  • shuft,
  • shotaro,
  • gosht,
  • sput,
  • tshirt,
  • shhet,
  • chought,
  • sharft,
  • chut,
  • shurt,
  • ashot,
  • thwt,
  • shent,
  • shight,
  • shul,
  • shoud,
  • shoun't,
  • shiat,
  • shorrt,
  • shorcut,
  • shoet,
  • shute,
  • shuke,
  • sheter,
  • shuve,
  • shodul,
  • thtt,
  • qiut,
  • shit,
  • sheite,
  • shooot,
  • shoudn,
  • shui,
  • shutes,
  • whout,
  • sheith,
  • shutdow,
  • shuush,
  • shwo,
  • churt,
  • sshut,
  • shund,
  • shiit,
  • shoth,
  • shoue,
  • chity,
  • shutle,
  • shurch,
  • shoota,
  • shyt,
  • sheat,
  • shoult,
  • thuat,
  • shity,
  • shitch,
  • shiut,
  • shitzu,
  • shur,
  • shetty,
  • shsort,
  • sut,
  • shakti.

What is the definition of shut?

  1. used especially of mouth or eyes; "he sat quietly with closed eyes"; "his eyes were shut against the sunlight"

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What are the quotes for shut?

  1. It's okay to be fat. So you're fat. Just be fat and shut up about it.
  2. If you have nothing to say for yourself then kindly keep your mouth shut!
  3. Seriously, these days I tend to shut up in terms of external analysis and DO try to let things speak for themselves, while still trying to get some depth into them.
  4. I also urge the Obama administration- both on its own and in cooperation with other responsible governments around the world- to use all legal means necessary to shut down WikiLeaks before it can do more damage by releasing additional cables. WikiLeaks' activities represent a shared threat to collective international security.
  5. It is very, very easy not to be offended by a book. You just have to shut it.

What are the rhymes for shut?

  1. nut, but, hut, cut, gutt, mutt, butt, tut, hutt, glut, gut, putt, tutt, strut, smut, knut, rut, kut, utt, haute, jut, nutt, what;
  2. abut, somewhat, uncut, rebut;

What are the translations for shut?

Afrikaans word for Shut


Arabic word for Shut


Chinese words for Shut

关闭, 闭, 关, 闭起, 阕.

Dutch words for Shut

sluiten, afsluiten, dichtdoen, dichtmaken, dichtklappen, op slot doen, toedoen, dichtgaan.

French words for Shut

fermer, clos, interrompre, se fermer.

German words for Shut

zugehen, versperren, verriegeln, sperren, zumachen, verschlossen, zusammenklappen, geschlossen, zufallen, zusperren, verriegelt, sich schließen, versperrt, zugeschlossen, zugemacht, zugefallen, zuriegeln, zugegangen, zugeriegelt.

Italian word for Shut


Japanese words for Shut

シャット, 閉じる, 閉める, 閉てる.

Javanese words for Shut

meneng, Tutup.

Korean word for Shut

(...을) 닫다.

Norwegian word for Shut


Spanish words for Shut

cerrar, fechar, cerrarse, encerrar.

Tamil word for Shut


Turkish word for Shut


Ukrainian word for Shut