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How To Spell siamese?

Correct spelling: siamese

Definition of siamese:

  1. of or relating to or characteristic of Thailand of its people; "Siamese kings"; "different Thai tribes live in the north"

List of misspellings for siamese:

  • ziamese,
  • sianese,
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Related words for siamese

Siamese buffalo


Animal breed

The Krabue buffalo also known as the Siamese buffalo, Thai water buffalo or Thai swamp buffalo is a large breed of water buffalo indigenous to Thailand.

Siamese Friends


Album by Iain Matthews

Siamese Friends is the tenth solo album by singer/songwriter Ian Matthews. The album was recorded at Chipping Norton Recording Studios in Oxfordshire, with some overdubs added at Maison Rouge in Fulham.

Siamese invasion of Kedah


The Siamese invasion of Kedah was a military operation mounted by the Kingdom of Siam against the Sultanate of Kedah in November 1821, in the area of what is now northern Peninsula Malaysia.

Siamese Kat


Studio album by Katreeya English

"Siamese Kat" is the second studio album by thai pop singer Katreeya English, released by GMM Grammy on May, 2003.

Siamese leaf-toed gecko


Siamese leaf-toed gecko is a species of gecko found in South Asia. This is the type species of the genus Dixonius, named after James R. Dixon from Texas A&M University.

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Quotes for siamese:

  1. Constant togetherness is fine- but only for Siamese twins.
  2. I'm one with New York, and New York is one with me. I grew up there; there's no escaping it. We're like Siamese twins, if you separate us, I'll die.

Rhymes for siamese:

  1. dees, meis, cees, threes, vees, pease, frees, kees, sprees, saez, deis, frieze, squeeze, geez, glees, breeze, nees, trees, sees, fees, reis, bees, skis, flees, z's, neis, tees, deas, feese, friese, teas, pleas, peas, sleaze, rees, mees, she's, seize, cheese, leas, bes, keys, please, liese, these, jeez, neese, gies, freeze, tease, mease, sneeze, neas, knees, reas, sies, fleas, crees, seas, preis, beas, ease, hees, keyes, keas, breese, wheeze, lees;
  2. disease, lessees, displease, trustees, trapeze, scorsese, reprise, foresees, cadiz, aziz, chinese, appease, andries, chemise, draftees, rupees, unease, cds, trainees, maltese, agrees, pawnees, jaycees, decrees, degrees, louise, belize, ortiz, burmese;
  3. overseas, annamese, inductees, timorese, licensees, japanese, escapees, ccs, nepalese, guaranties, conferees, nominees, appointees, retirees, balinese, devotees, disagrees, javanese, sinhalese, enrollees, absentees, expertise, designees, sudanese, cantonese, guarantees, detainees, enlistees, journalese, franchisees, internees, referees, returnees, taiwanese, honorees, amputees;
  4. abts, indochinese, stds, interviewees;

Translations for siamese:

Arabic word for Siamese


Bengali word for Siamese


Dutch word for Siamese


French word for Siamese


Hindi word for Siamese

स्याम देश की भाषा.

Marathi word for Siamese

स्याम देश.

Portuguese word for Siamese


Romanian word for Siamese


Russian word for Siamese


Spanish words for Siamese

Siam, siamés.

Turkish word for Siamese


Ukrainian word for Siamese


Vietnamese word for Siamese