How To Spell Since?

Correct spelling: Since

What is the definition of Since?

  1. Because that.

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What are the rhymes for Since?

  1. quince, ince, rinse, linse, mince, vince, prince, wince;
  2. convince, evince;

What are the translations for Since?

Afrikaans words for Since

vanaf, vermits.

Chinese words for Since

兹因, 此后.

Dutch words for Since

aangezien, daar, sinds, sedert, dewijl.

French words for Since

depuis, dès, puisque, depuis que, parce que, pois, car.

German words for Since

seit, da, seitdem, denn, weil, nachdem, da ja, Bö.

Greek word for Since


Hindi word for Since

तब से.

Italian word for Since

da allora.

Japanese words for Since

から, 以来, 上は, うえは, この方, のち, このかた, 此の方.

Javanese word for Since


Korean word for Since

그 이래.

Malay word for Since


Norwegian word for Since


Polish words for Since

jako że, dlatego że, dlatego iż, od kiedy, gdyż.

Portuguese words for Since

porquê, uma vez que, visto que, dado que, porquanto, tendo em vista que.

Romanian word for Since

de atunci.

Russian words for Since

после, ибо, раз уж.

Spanish words for Since

ya que, como, desde, pues, puesto que, dado que.

Swedish word for Since

sedan dess.

Turkish word for Since

dan beri.

Ukrainian word for Since


Vietnamese word for Since

từ đó.