How To Spell single?

Correct spelling: single

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What is the definition of single?

  1. Unmarried.

What does the abbreviation single mean?

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What are the rhymes for single?

  1. mingle, jingle, pringle, shingle, lingle, tingle, swingle;
  2. bingle, ingle, dingle;
  3. commingle;
  4. intermingle;

What are the translations for single?

Afrikaans word for Single


Bengali word for Single


Chinese words for Single

独身, 单一的.

Czech word for Single


Dutch words for Single

enkel, vrijgezel, enig, alleen, individueel, ongehuwd, enkelvoudig, alleenstaand, eenmalig, ongetrouwd.

French words for Single

unique, simple, singulier, simples, célibataire, seul, individuel, chambre individuelle, célibataires.

German words for Single

einfach, alleinig, einzig, singulär, einzeln, ledig, Einer, Single, solo, alleinstehend, alleinerziehend, unverheiratet, ehelos, einziger.

Italian words for Single

unica, singolo, celibe, singola, nubile.

Japanese word for Single


Korean word for Single

단 하나의.

Malay word for Single


Marathi word for Single


Polish words for Single

pojedynczy, singiel, jedynka, samotny, samotnie wychowujący dziecko, jednoosobowy.

Portuguese words for Single

comum, único, solteiro, individuais, isolado, unitária, unitário.

Romanian word for Single


Russian words for Single

единый, единственный, единичный, одиночный, одинарный, один-единственный, однократный.

Spanish words for Single

individual, sencillo, soltera, soltero, disco sencillo, mismo, unitario, de ida, unificado.

Swedish word for Single


Turkish words for Single

sola, tek.