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Correct spelling: sit

Definition of sit:

  1. To keep the seat upon; to seat. To sit down, to place one's self on a seat; to begin a siege; to fix a permanent abode. To sit up, not to go to bed.
  2. To rest upon the haunches; to perch; to occupy a seat; to rest; to lie; to hold a session; to exercise authority; to incubate; to be placed; to be suited.


exist. belong, concentrate, occupy. perch, rest. babysit. perch, set down, sit down. ride. sit down. assemble, bait, be, bear on, belong, bewilder, brood, care, convene, drive, dumbfound, gather, get together, hatch, hold back, impersonate, incubate, induct, invest, join, lay, lie, meet, mold, mould, mount, occupy, participate, pattern, perch, personate, place, position, present, put, rag, razz, relax, remain, rest, rise, seat, set, set down, simulate, squat, stand, stupefy, tantalise, tantalize, taunt, tease, twit, vex, mock up, COD, babysit, sit around. adopt, adopted, adoption, adoptive, au pair, babysitter, care, perch, rise, squat, stand up, adoption agency, babysit, care order. aesthetic, cherub, commission, composition, draftsmanship, effect, flavor, format, homage, legend, occupy, stand. bear on, involve, join, lie, participate, relax, remain, rest, DO, engage in, enter into, get in on, join in, sit in on. assemble, belong, concentrate, convene, exist, meet. bed down, bunk, collapse, curl up, down, fall, flop, hunker down, cuddle up. bomb, fail, flunk, gag, get through, hold back, muffle, pass, qualify, quench, repress, restraint, retake, score, smother, stifle, strangle, suppress, throttle, hold-down, dip out, resit. congregate, flock, gather, get together, muster, meet with, flash mob. baby-sit, model, pose, posture, ride. sit down. congregate, gather, get together, muster, rally. baby-sit. place, put. perch, set down, sit down. flock, join. assemble, bear on, convene, lie, meet, pose, posture, relax, remain, rest, seat, squat.

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Examples of usage for sit:

  1. All we'll have to do will be to sit still? – Ethel Morton at Chautauqua by Mabell S. C. Smith
  2. I must sit and work. – Letters of Anton Chekhov by Anton Chekhov Translated by Constance Garnett
  3. How shall I sit – Saracinesca by F. Marion Crawford

Rhymes for sit:

  1. bit, brit, britt, chit, fit, flit, get, grit, kit, knit, lit, mit, mitt, nit, pit, pitt, quit, schmidt, skit, slit, split, whit, wit, writ, fitt, it, plitt, smit, kitt, witt, hit, ritt, hitt, vitt, litt, splitt, schmitt, spit;
  2. acquit, admit, befit, commit, emit, lafitte, omit, permit, refit, remit, submit, transmit, unfit, dewitt, gillett, prewitt, legit;
  3. readmit, recommit, resubmit;