How To Spell sleep?

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What is the definition of sleep?

  1. a period of time spent sleeping; "he felt better after a little sleep"; "a brief nap"

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What are the rhymes for sleep?

  1. creep, reap, reep, weep, jeep, cheap, heap, leap, eap, deep, lepe, sheep, sepe, sweep, peep, steep, beep, bleep, veep, seep, streep, leep, diep, seip, keep;
  2. bopeep, asleep, felipe;

What are the translations for sleep?

Arabic word for Sleep


Bengali word for Sleep


Chinese words for Sleep

睡, 睡眠, 休眠, 昏睡, 睡乡, 交睫, 梦寐.

Dutch words for Sleep

slapen, voor slaapplaats hebben, slaap, nachtrust.

French words for Sleep

loger, sommeil, dormir, veille, s'endormir, pioncer.

German words for Sleep

rüsten, knacken, schlafen, Schlaf, Nachtruhe, schlummern, pennen, ratzen.

Greek word for Sleep


Hindi word for Sleep


Italian words for Sleep

sono, ospitare, sonno, riposo, dormire, riposare, pernottare.

Japanese words for Sleep

スリープ, 睡眠, 寝, 眠り, 睡眠を取る, ねむり, せぶる, すいみんをとる, 夢を結ぶ, 目糞, 瞑す, 瞑する, 寝込む, 目屎, ねこむ, めいす, すいみん, めくそ, めいする, ゆめをむすぶ.

Javanese word for Sleep


Malay word for Sleep


Norwegian word for Sleep


Portuguese words for Sleep

latência, soneca.

Romanian word for Sleep


Russian words for Sleep

спать, ночевать, сон, спячка.

Spanish words for Sleep

sueño, reposo.

Swedish word for Sleep


Tamil word for Sleep


Turkish words for Sleep

şen, uyku.

Ukrainian word for Sleep


Vietnamese word for Sleep

trạng thái ngủ.