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How To Spell sleeve?

Correct spelling: sleeve

Definition of sleeve:

  1. The part of a garment that covers the arm.

List of misspellings for sleeve:

  • youselve,
  • steeve,
  • seelf,
  • slene,
  • seveve,
  • yourselve,
  • myselve,
  • seleve,
  • slieves,
  • sleevers,
  • twleve,
  • baleave,
  • seletive,
  • sleved,
  • sleevs,
  • bleave,
  • sereve,
  • eleve,
  • beleeve,
  • bieleve,
  • sleev,
  • slevees,
  • selece,
  • blieve,
  • selvege,
  • slevery,
  • leaeve,
  • sealevel,
  • slife,
  • sleezy,
  • sleaved,
  • belever,
  • seerve,
  • dleave,
  • leasve,
  • seive,
  • belevie,
  • sleer,
  • sleveed,
  • slelf,
  • sleez,
  • yourslefer,
  • leeave,
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  • leever,
  • beleve,
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  • severve,
  • selfe,
  • surevey.

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A Trick With No Sleeve

Mutiny Up My Sleeve


Album by Max Webster

Mutiny Up My Sleeve was the third album by Canadian rock band Max Webster. The record was released in 1978 and has been certified gold by the Canadian Recording Industry Association.

On Your Sleeve


Studio album by Jesse Malin

On Your Sleeve is Jesse Malin's fourth studio album. It consists entirely of covers of other artists' songs. The album was first released in the UK on April 7, 2008.

Something Up My Sleeve


Studio album by Suzy Bogguss

Something Up My Sleeve is the fifth studio album by the American country music singer-songwriter Suzy Bogguss, released in 1993 on Liberty Records.

Tricks Up My Sleeve

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Quotes for sleeve:

  1. I wear my heart on my sleeve.
  2. I was always the child who wore her emotions on her sleeve.
  3. I do not come bearing a party label on my sleeve- or a quick fix in my back pocket. I do not come with a rigid ideology in my heart- or a soul that tells me to go it alone. I do not come to uproot tradition- or to be imprisoned by it.
  4. God always has another custard pie up his sleeve.
  5. With the media, I could be quick and ugly and critical. I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve.

Translations for sleeve:

Arabic word for Sleeve


Chinese words for Sleeve

袖, 套筒, 管套, 袖子, 衣袖, 袖管, 袖筒.

Dutch words for Sleeve

mouw, hoes, huls, koker.

French words for Sleeve

bague, mou, pochette, gaine, douille, manchon.

German words for Sleeve

Cover, manche, Schlauch, Ärmel, arm, Buchse, Muffe, Pinole, Verbindungsmuffe, Banderole, Enveloppe.

Greek word for Sleeve


Hindi word for Sleeve


Italian words for Sleeve

manicotto, manica, erme.

Japanese word for Sleeve


Malay word for Sleeve


Marathi word for Sleeve


Polish words for Sleeve

rura, rękaw, tuleja, pokrowiec, tulejka.

Portuguese words for Sleeve

invólucro, luva.

Romanian word for Sleeve


Russian words for Sleeve

рукав, втулка.

Spanish words for Sleeve

funda, manga, casquillo, manguito, carátula.

Swedish words for Sleeve

köl, ärm.

Tamil word for Sleeve


Ukrainian word for Sleeve


Vietnamese word for Sleeve

tay áo.