How To Spell slope?

Correct spelling: slope

What is the definition of slope?

  1. Sloping.

What does the abbreviation slope mean?

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What are the usage examples for slope?

  1. There was ice for a quarter of a mile where that slope ends. – The Frozen Pirate by W. Clark Russell

What are the rhymes for slope?

  1. hope, grope, lope, mope, kope, soap, rope, cope, sope, nope, tope, shope, scope, pope;
  2. elope;

What are the translations for slope?

Afrikaans word for Slope


Arabic word for Slope


Chinese words for Slope

斜坡, 斜率, 坡度, 斜度, 倾斜度, 倾斜, 山坡, 采场.

Dutch words for Slope

stok, hellen, hellingshoek, hellingsgraad, glooiing, schuinte.

French words for Slope

pencher, flanc, inclinaison, pente, être en pente, coteau, être incliné, chanfreiner.

German words for Slope

Anstieg, Steigung, Abfall, Neigung, Hang, abfallen, Lehne, Piste, Gefälle, Abhang, sich absenken, Abfahrt, Flanke, Skipiste, Hanglage, Hangneigung, Schräge, Neigungsgrad, Rain, Halde, Abschüssigkeit, schräg abfallen, geneigt sein, abschrägen, schräg legen, abböschen, Backe.

Italian word for Slope


Japanese words for Slope

スロープ, 斜面, 阪路, 雪崩れる, 頽れ, けいしゃめん, 傾斜面, なだれ, なだれる, 傾れ, 傾れる, 坂路, しゃめん.

Javanese word for Slope


Malay word for Slope


Polish words for Slope

spadek, nachylenie, zbocze, spadzistość, skarpa, pochyłość.

Portuguese words for Slope

pendente, encosta, ladeira, vertente, descida, talude, plano inclinado.

Russian words for Slope

склон, уклон, скат, косогор, крутизна, Склон or скат.

Spanish words for Slope

pendiente, pista, subida, inclinarse, ladera, bajada, vertiente, falda, rampa, desnivel, talud, cuesta, declive, barranca, bajadero, gradiente, estar en declive, estar inclinado.