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How To Spell slow?

Correct spelling: slow

Definition of slow:

  1. Slowly.

List of misspellings for slow:

  • sowly,
  • solowly,
  • sloer,
  • slowliy,
  • shalow,
  • holow,
  • sollo,
  • soliey,
  • soloo,
  • salah,
  • soooo,
  • slso,
  • swolow,
  • sholw,
  • selll,
  • gloww,
  • silow,
  • hlow,
  • snow,
  • soooooooo,
  • sailour,
  • soley,
  • soloy,
  • swow,
  • sghow,
  • solom,
  • slo,
  • soooooo,
  • slowler,
  • saleh,
  • slogo,
  • slegh,
  • clow,
  • sooooo,
  • sldo,
  • delow,
  • sarow,
  • skow,
  • sellor,
  • swollow,
  • saylor,
  • swalow,
  • selle,
  • slou,
  • selli,
  • sjow,
  • sleff,
  • sleeo,
  • sloar,
  • 450sl,
  • slol,
  • seehow,
  • soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,
  • asllow,
  • slod,
  • slolwy,
  • zsillow,
  • sylow,
  • helow,
  • llows,
  • slowl,
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  • dlow,
  • solw,
  • elow,
  • selph,
  • glowy,
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  • slwa,
  • smow,
  • alow,
  • solor,
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  • shaloow,
  • slown,
  • flow,
  • sowou,
  • sulfor,
  • salor,
  • slowy,
  • slowd,
  • fflow,
  • sizw,
  • sadow,
  • floww,
  • slowr,
  • ollow,
  • soloar,
  • somw,
  • solough,
  • sohow,
  • slowey,
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  • aloow,
  • slole.

What does the abbreviation slow mean?

Related words for slow

Edward Slow



Edward Slow was a poet born in Wilton, Wiltshire, England. By profession he was a carriage builder. He wrote many poems and tracts based on his everyday observations of contemporary Victorian and Edwardian rural life.

Slow Bread


Slow Bread is made using very little yeast and lots of time to ferment the dough before baking. The advantage is that the starch in the flour absorbs the water much more effectively.

Slow Burning Lights


Studio album by Blue Sky Black Death

Slow Burning Lights is a studio album by American hip hop production duo Blue Sky Black Death. It was released on Babygrande Records in 2008. The album is a collaboration with singer Yes Alexander.

Slow Joe Doyle


Baseball pitcher

Judd Bruce "Slow Joe" Doyle was a right-handed baseball pitcher who played from 1906 to 1910 for the New York Highlanders and Cincinnati Reds. He threw a sinker, a "raise ball" and a spitter.

Warwick Slow


New Zealand DJ

Warwick Slow is a New Zealand radio DJ and media personality from Wellington, New Zealand. Formerly employed by Hit Radio X105, he was a regular on the station's night weekend shifts, before the station's closure on Tuesday 14 September 2010.

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Quotes for slow:

  1. A good, quick, small team can beat a big, slow team any time.
  2. So it's been a slow process and it's taken some patience. That's why patients are called patients I think- patience is required.
  3. Our trouble is that we drink too much tea. I see in this the slow revenge of the Orient, which has diverted the Yellow River down our throats.
  4. He who is most slow in making a promise is the most faithful in performance of it.
  5. Slow, Deep And Hard was a great album, even though it was probably our least selling record.

Rhymes for slow:

  1. floe, show, cro, know, eau, gro, sow, boe, tyo, foe, zoh, chau, cousteau, thoreau, bestow, tableau, gogh, tho, roh, tow, undergo, noh, below, wo, loewe, sloe, moe, papo, gau, tarot, sew, rowe, plough, lo, low, au, blow, aux, fro, dough, yoe, kyo, lowe, defoe, o', doe, nau, grow, rondeau, cho, snow, hoh, devaux, tso, mow, flo, trow, jo, beau, oh, plateau, bow, cloe, hoe, truffaut, though, roe, glow, perot, toe, ko, dau, go, inco, throw, owe, hello, strow, yo, goe, joe, goh, munro, escrow, bordeaux, poh, kayo, so-so, giraud, bo, glo, ow, noe, kowtow, rideau, bro, co, ro, yoh, so, forgo, quo, gloe, mau, loh, bio, pro, beaux, forego, joh, luo, rho, sgro, margaux, coe, marceau, turbot, row, chateaux, monroe, vo, yau, whoa, stow, renaud, loew, escoe, woe, ngo, bowe, tableaux, peugeot, doh, chateau, thibault, nouveau, poe, mo, loe, rouleau, tallyho, outgrow, flow, crow, ho, koh, uno, cabo, stowe;
  2. although, arnault, ago, aglow, miro, pernod, renault, arnaud;
  3. apropos, taekwondo, eeo, ivo, imo, overflow;
  4. celo;

Translations for slow:

Arabic word for Slow


Chinese words for Slow

缓, 慢速, 迟迟, 迟缓, 太慢, 姗, 缓慢的.

Dutch words for Slow

traag, langzaam, loom, lijzig, sloom.

French words for Slow

diminuer, freiner, lent, long, ralentir, lente, lents, lentes, décélérer.

German words for Slow

bremsen, hemmen, verlangsamen, langsam, begriffsstutzig, schleppend, geruhsam, Faible, lahm, sich verlangsamen, tranig, behäbig, dösig, transusig, bummelig.

Hindi word for Slow


Italian words for Slow

lenta, graduale.

Japanese words for Slow

遅い, スロー, 遅々, ゆるやか, 頭の悪い, 鈍, マンマンデー, 微温い, ぬくい, 頭が悪い, 足りない, とろくさい, 優長, 不活溌, 手緩い, 晩い, 温い, あたまがわるい, 悠長, マンマンデ, トロくさい, 間だるい, 頭がわるい, にぶい, てぬるい, 頭悪い, しりおも, 間怠っこい.

Javanese word for Slow


Malay word for Slow


Norwegian word for Slow


Polish word for Slow


Portuguese words for Slow

baixa, fraco, travar, diminuir a velocidade, moroso, desacelerar, vagaroso, vagarosa, pachorrento, devagar.

Spanish words for Slow

frenar, retrasar, retardar, disminuir, ralentizar, demorado, tardío, lento, pausado, aminorar, retardado, lentificar.

Swedish words for Slow

stadig, långsam.

Vietnamese word for Slow

chậm chạp.