How To Spell slow?

Correct spelling: slow

What is the definition of slow?

  1. Slowly.

What does the abbreviation slow mean?

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What are the rhymes for slow?

  1. floe, show, cro, know, eau, gro, sow, boe, tyo, foe, zoh, chau, cousteau, thoreau, bestow, tableau, gogh, tho, roh, tow, undergo, noh, below, wo, loewe, sloe, moe, papo, gau, tarot, sew, rowe, plough, lo, low, au, blow, aux, fro, dough, yoe, kyo, lowe, defoe, o', doe, nau, grow, rondeau, cho, snow, hoh, devaux, tso, mow, flo, trow, jo, beau, oh, plateau, bow, cloe, hoe, truffaut, though, roe, glow, perot, toe, ko, dau, go, inco, throw, owe, hello, strow, yo, goe, joe, goh, munro, escrow, bordeaux, poh, kayo, so-so, giraud, bo, glo, ow, noe, kowtow, rideau, bro, co, ro, yoh, so, forgo, quo, gloe, mau, loh, bio, pro, beaux, forego, joh, luo, rho, sgro, margaux, coe, marceau, turbot, row, chateaux, monroe, vo, yau, whoa, stow, renaud, loew, escoe, woe, ngo, bowe, tableaux, peugeot, doh, chateau, thibault, nouveau, poe, mo, loe, rouleau, tallyho, outgrow, flow, crow, ho, koh, uno, cabo, stowe;
  2. although, arnault, ago, aglow, miro, pernod, renault, arnaud;
  3. apropos, taekwondo, eeo, ivo, imo, overflow;
  4. celo;

What are the translations for slow?

Arabic word for Slow


Chinese words for Slow

缓, 慢速, 迟迟, 迟缓, 太慢, 姗, 缓慢的.

Dutch words for Slow

traag, langzaam, loom, lijzig, sloom.

French words for Slow

diminuer, freiner, lent, long, ralentir, lente, lents, lentes, décélérer.

German words for Slow

bremsen, hemmen, verlangsamen, langsam, begriffsstutzig, schleppend, geruhsam, Faible, lahm, sich verlangsamen, tranig, behäbig, dösig, transusig, bummelig.

Hindi word for Slow


Italian words for Slow

lenta, graduale.

Japanese words for Slow

遅い, スロー, 遅々, ゆるやか, 頭の悪い, 鈍, マンマンデー, 微温い, ぬくい, 頭が悪い, 足りない, とろくさい, 優長, 不活溌, 手緩い, 晩い, 温い, あたまがわるい, 悠長, マンマンデ, トロくさい, 間だるい, 頭がわるい, にぶい, てぬるい, 頭悪い, しりおも, 間怠っこい.

Javanese word for Slow


Malay word for Slow


Norwegian word for Slow


Polish word for Slow


Portuguese words for Slow

baixa, fraco, travar, diminuir a velocidade, moroso, desacelerar, vagaroso, vagarosa, pachorrento, devagar.

Spanish words for Slow

frenar, retrasar, retardar, disminuir, ralentizar, demorado, tardío, lento, pausado, aminorar, retardado, lentificar.

Swedish words for Slow

stadig, långsam.

Vietnamese word for Slow

chậm chạp.