How To Spell slowly?

Correct spelling: slowly

What is the definition of slowly?

  1. In a slow manner; moderately; not rapidly; not early; not rashly; not readly; tardly.

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What are the rhymes for slowly?

  1. rolly, boley, coli, holy, rowly, wholly, rowley, rollie, poley, ollie, foley, solie, moly, lowly, joly, coley, soley, poli, roley, goalie;
  2. karoly, iole, stromboli, unholy, nicoli, ercole;
  3. guacamole, anatoly, anatoli, ravioli;

What are the translations for slowly?

Arabic word for Slowly


Bengali word for Slowly

ধীরে ধীরে.

Chinese words for Slowly

慢, 慢慢, 慢慢地, 缓缓, 徐徐, 徐, 冉冉, 缓慢地.

Dutch words for Slowly

traag, langzaam, zachtjes, geleidelijk, langzaamaan, stilaan.

French words for Slowly

doucement, progressivement, tranquillement, lentement, peu à peu, à feu doux, à petit feu, sans hâte.

German words for Slowly

langsam, begriffsstutzig, schleppend, tranig, Gemach, rüstig, bummelig.

Greek word for Slowly


Hindi word for Slowly

धीरे धीरे.

Japanese words for Slowly

ゆっくり, ゆくと, 緩緩, 愚図愚図, うじゃうじゃ, のろのろ, ゆるゆる, もっそり, 緩々, のそりのそり, ぐじぐじ, やおら, ゆるり, 緩り, のぞのぞ, 遅く.

Javanese word for Slowly


Korean word for Slowly


Norwegian word for Slowly


Polish word for Slowly


Portuguese word for Slowly


Romanian word for Slowly


Russian word for Slowly


Spanish words for Slowly

lento, lentamente, despacio, gradualmente, poco a poco, pausadamente.

Swedish words for Slowly

stadig, långsamt.

Turkish word for Slowly


Ukrainian word for Slowly


Vietnamese word for Slowly

chậm rãi.