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How To Spell smock?

Correct spelling: smock

List of misspellings for smock:

  • schok,
  • smocke,
  • sjock,
  • stomcah,
  • stoumeck,
  • stiock,
  • smool,
  • stomeck,
  • smooke,
  • smucks,
  • smogs,
  • smirck,
  • smackd,
  • smarcomm,
  • somcuh,
  • amock,
  • smore,
  • simom,
  • somce,
  • smoki,
  • msuick,
  • seeck,
  • smark,
  • simic,
  • sizmic,
  • smokig,
  • smrik,
  • dsumc,
  • srick,
  • smove,
  • somng,
  • smehow,
  • sttock,
  • siesmic,
  • smirke,
  • somke,
  • s'more,
  • skock,
  • stumock,
  • smolik,
  • samuekl,
  • seizmic,
  • smok,
  • spocke,
  • somuch,
  • somoke,
  • sstock,
  • hamock,
  • somch,
  • smaug,
  • stomak,
  • soymilk,
  • smood,
  • smokin,
  • shmeco,
  • smajor,
  • smoly,
  • smoek,
  • smuck,
  • smokker,
  • sikck,
  • simco,
  • smerk,
  • stumack,
  • scheck,
  • smpke,
  • schock,
  • seimic,
  • smike,
  • stomock,
  • snock,
  • suuck,
  • swork,
  • smong,
  • samrk,
  • smakc,
  • somework,
  • symolic,
  • smiirk,
  • soroc,
  • simoke,
  • skick,
  • sesmic,
  • smurk,
  • spock,
  • symol,
  • stumick,
  • stomick,
  • stomack,
  • sismic,
  • smook,
  • socke,
  • stoock,
  • sotck,
  • sjome,
  • smrike,
  • sizemic,
  • smake,
  • sharmock,
  • smokie.

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Christina Epps is an American track and field athlete who specializes in the triple jump. She competed at the 2015 World Championships in Beijing without qualifying for the final.

Hørsholm Windmill


Mill in Hørsholm, Denmark

Hørsholm Windmill is a smock mill located in Hørsholm to the north of Copenhagen, Denmark. The site also comprises two storage buildings. The complex is now home to a small museum of old crafts.

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Volendam Windmill is a smock mill located on Adamic Hill Road in Holland Township, New Jersey, United States. The windmill was designed and built in 1965 by Paul Jorgenson.

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Quotes for smock:

  1. What good to me is the festive garment of freedom when I am in a slave's smock at home?

Rhymes for smock:

  1. knock, brock, och, tock, haak, bach, brok, broc, sok, bok, clock, loch, hock, doc, chalk, mach, krock, glock, hoc, jock, bloc, roc, blok, frock, boch, schlock, locke, walk, dock, block, roch, spock, wok, rock, bock, shock, mock, lock, floc, stock, kok, crock, caulk, kloc, kroc, chok, poch, nock, chock, sock, croc, mok, pock, hoch, flock, vlok, lok, jacques, bloch;
  2. o'clock, iraq, bangkok, restock, unlock, undock, isaak;
  3. overstock, antiknock, interlock;

Translations for smock:

Arabic word for Smock


Bengali word for Smock

কুঁচি দেওয়া ঢিলে পোশাক.

Dutch word for Smock


French word for Smock


German word for Smock


Italian word for Smock


Japanese word for Smock


Marathi word for Smock


Polish word for Smock


Portuguese word for Smock


Spanish word for Smock


Swedish word for Smock


Tamil word for Smock

தளர்ந்த உள் ஆடை.

Vietnamese word for Smock

áo sơ mi của đàn bà.