How To Spell snake?

Correct spelling: snake

What is the definition of snake?

  1. form a snake-like pattern; "The river snakes through the valley"

What does the abbreviation snake mean?

  • –  Supraleitendes Nanoskop für Angewandte Kernphysikalische Experimente
  • –  Snitch, back stabber

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What are the usage examples for snake?

  1. It was the same with the big snake in the grass jungle. – Son of Power by Will Levington Comfort and Zamin Ki Dost

What are the rhymes for snake?

  1. fake, bake, rake, naik, shake, lake, haik, wake, drake, steak, paik, quake, break, ache, sake, brake, cake, take, flake, jacque, ake, stake, shaik, jake, hake, blake, spake, make;
  2. retake, awake, remake, partake, mistake, forsake, opaque;

What are the translations for snake?

Arabic word for Snake


Bengali word for Snake


Dutch words for Snake

slingeren, slepen, kruipen, sluipen, kronkelen, serpent.

German words for Snake

Schlange, Slang.

Italian words for Snake

cobra, Serpente.

Japanese word for Snake


Javanese word for Snake


Malay word for Snake


Norwegian word for Snake


Polish word for Snake


Spanish words for Snake

serpiente, culebra, víbora, pescadilla.

Swedish word for Snake