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Correct spelling: sneeze

Definition of sneeze:

  1. The act of sneezing.
  2. 1. To expel air from the nose and mouth by an involuntary spasmodic contraction of the muscles of expiration. 2. An act of sneezing, a reflex excited by an irritation of the mucous membrane of the nose.
  3. To emit air through the nose audibly and convuisively, in consequence of irritation in the inner membrane of the nose.

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Quotes for sneeze:

  1. Do you know how helpless you feel if you have a full cup of coffee in your hand and you start to sneeze?
  2. I like to write when I feel spiteful. It is like having a good sneeze.
  3. He must not laugh at his own wheeze: a snuff box has no right to sneeze.
  4. Be able to sneeze without sounding ridiculous. That means neither stifling yourself or spraying your immediate vicinity.
  5. An orgasm is just a reflex, like a sneeze.

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