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How To Spell Solana?

Correct spelling: Solana

List of misspellings for Solana:

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sunlight; eastern wind
Solana as a girl's name is pronounced so-LAH-nah. It is of Spanish and Latin origin, and the meaning of Solana is "sunlight; eastern wind". Also a combination of Anna and Sol. A saint's name.
  • Solina,
  • Solenne,
  • Soline,
  • Souline,
  • Soulle.

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Examples of usage for Solana:

  1. Well, one day when we had done dinner in the Posada della Solana where we lived, there came in two ladies of genteel appearance, with two waiting women: one of the ladies entered into conversation with the Captain, both leaning against a window; the other sat down in a chair beside me, with her veil low down, so that I could not see her face, except so far as the thinness of the texture allowed. – The Exemplary Novels of Cervantes by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
  2. My father, wishing to reciprocate Pepita's compliment of the garden- party, invited her to visit his villa of the Pozo de la Solana – Pepita Ximenez by Juan Valera
  3. The Pozo de la Solana is about two leagues distant from the village, and the only road to it is a bridle- path. – Pepita Ximenez by Juan Valera

Rhymes for Solana:

  1. cana, hana, jana, ghana, shana, grana, vanna, manna, lanna, vana, flanna, nanna, anna, branna, chana, ana, sanna, hanna, nana, rana, lana, hannah, kana, santa, danna, janna;
  2. avana, zorana, alana, viana, roxanna, stevana, atlanta, suzanna, oksana, joanna, quintana, arcana, duana, sylvana, jordana, bandana, edana, luwana, amana, savannah, luana, campana, susannah, johanna, aldana, nolana, dianna, morgana, briana, lantana, gitana, rohana, brianna, rexana, banana, santana, savanna, deanna, montana, fontana, deana, rosanna, dyana, triana, levana, louanna, roxana, susanna, havana, cabana, haldana, urbana, arlana, philana, piano, diana, dulciana;
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  4. dominicana, americana, louisiana;

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솔라 나.

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