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How To Spell solicitation?

Correct spelling: solicitation

Definition of solicitation:

  1. the act of enticing a person to do something wrong (as an offer of sex in return for money)

List of misspellings for solicitation:

  • ellicitation,
  • illistation,
  • solic9tation,
  • solisatation,
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Quotes for solicitation:

  1. The flaw in the statute is that in all its applications, it operates on a fundamentally mistaken premise that high solicitation costs are an accurate measure of fraud.
  2. Most of the slaves, who were thus unconditionally freed, returned without any solicitation to their former masters, to serve them, at stated wages; as free men. The work, which they now did, was found to better done than before.
  3. There are some scary statistics out there: one in five kids aged 10 -17 have received a sexual solicitation or approach via the Internet.

Rhymes for solicitation:

  1. depopulation, disqualification, magnification, segmentation, emigration, glaciation, amplification, ossification, incoordination, exhortation, suburbanization, enumeration, optimization, permutation, regulation, impregnation, saponification, congregation, rationalization, reconciliation, miscreation, classification, validation, plantation, privation, monopolization, federation, constipation, deviation, quantification, renovation, pagination, disintegration, substantiation, gestation, disorientation, devaluation, codification, distillation, renunciation, improvisation, observation, inactivation, confabulation, proliferation, coagulation, estimation, flirtation, gentrification, starvation, allegation, exhilaration, vacillation, automation, coronation, avocation, domestication, population, convocation, initiation, accumulation, vaporization, derivation, magnetization, summation, variation, incarnation, reunification, dissertation, excommunication, exoneration, jubilation, conjugation, implantation, civilization, revocation, harmonization, consideration, immigration, violation, glorification, relaxation, alleviation, exclamation, mineralization, demonization, detoxification, pasteurization, disembarkation, infestation, intonation, constellation, certification, appropriation, stabilization, characterization, equitation, reverberation, speculation, regeneration, fibrillation, exhalation, rejuvenation, immunization, contamination, vulgarization, determination, refutation, granulation, obligation, argumentation, prognostication, indignation, rededication, indentation, subsidization, fixation, detonation, dispensation, organization, dictation, reclassification, desalinization, information, procrastination, combination, conflagration, maximization, deliberation, destination, profanation, indexation, recommendation, popularization, graduation, securitization, delegation, fragmentation, separation, rotation, inspiration, inhabitation, termination, stagflation, decontamination, damnation, fertilization, refrigeration, desperation, globalization, relation, facilitation, dilatation, punctuation, mitigation, anticipation, malformation, recalculation, politicization, croatian, indemnification, disinclination, reformation, reorganization, reaffiliation, ventilation, incantation, transformation, dehydration, emulation, ligation, reexamination, liberation, misinformation, predestination, expatriation, importation, integration, irritation, agitation, mechanization, hydration, indoctrination, elevation, cancellation, misappropriation, formulation, trepidation, identification, liberalization, salvation, exploration, self-congratulation, victimization, sanctification, nucleation, filtration, nullification, ovulation, personalization, ostentation, allocation, corp, incarceration, migration, perpetuation, dilation, hyperinflation, equalization, preservation, democratization, ministration, invalidation, degradation, subordination, insinuation, compilation, intoxication, reiteration, modulation, generalization, imagination, gyration, evacuation, collaboration, naturalization, humiliation, fluoridation, excitation, preparation, utilization, conglomeration, notification, specification, infiltration, perspiration, incorporation, hesitation, explication, perforation, congratulation, complication, bifurcation, demobilization, narration, backwardation, reincarnation, invitation, recantation, hydrogenation, capitulation, probation, reflation, habitation, reevaluation, segregation, consecration, taxation, association, desalination, recuperation, radiation, annexation, simplification, discrimination, inflation, reconfirmation, aviation, aggravation, sedation, obfuscation, legislation, amalgamation, incapacitation, redecoration, westernization, edification, pronunciation, relocation, neutralization, explanation, telecommunication, installation, demoralization, medication, affectation, depravation, realization, irrigation, incrustation, protestation, nomination, appreciation, mummification, motivation, publication, deportation, participation, recitation, navigation, hospitalization, evaporation, gradation, masturbation, industrialization, revitalization, elimination, gastrulation, gasification, concatenation, creation, calculation, quotation, reauthorization, deregulation, categorization, vilification, exacerbation, situation, differentiation, ordination, libration, nondiscrimination, indication, fermentation, privatization, urbanization, hibernation, illumination, illustration, stipulation, demonstration, elation, diversification, appalachian, desecration, appellation, miscommunication, multiplication, machination, disputation, depreciation, pontification, respiration, disinformation, denunciation, expropriation, mobilization, levitation, condemnation, computation, instigation, manipulation, registration, usurpation, modernization, commercialization, calibration, criminalization, admiration, evaluation, repudiation, ornamentation, propagation, figuration, authorization, limitation, application, ovation, consolation, extrapolation, meditation, contemplation, presentation, extermination, embarkation, maturation, oxidation, demarcation, sarmatian, divination, saturation, desegregation, subluxation, visitation, devastation, remediation, corporation, vacation, desiccation, fluctuation, confrontation, cultivation, dissociation, incubation, centralization, cooperation, dissipation, alteration, deceleration, amelioration, christianization, vindication, connotation, specialization, commemoration, oscillation, prefabrication, duration, conciliation, replication, agglomeration, pressurization, preoccupation, flotation, elongation, continuation, proration, verification, sedimentation, invocation, affiliation, organisation, inclination, condensation, lactation, exploitation, orientation, vocation, celebration, excavation, dramatization, fabrication, cohabitation, degeneration, articulation, communication, duplication, collectivization, delineation, expiration, isolation, miscalculation, configuration, vegetation, disinflation, simulation, deification, electrification, negation, rumination, titillation, arbitration, dislocation, resuscitation, donation, palpitation, coloration, vibration, eradication, intimation, domination, reinvigoration, liquidation, altercation, sanitation, repatriation, dehumanization, tabulation, operation, decoration, revelation, discontinuation, imputation, proclamation, misapplication, reaffirmation, nonproliferation, standardization, fortification, resignation, declaration, investigation, inflammation, decertification, remuneration, disorganization, nitration, prostration, mutilation, ratification, renomination, visualization, germination, affrication, aspiration, vaccination, interrogation, insulation, reclamation, hallucination, demodulation, miniaturization, foundation, occupation, oration, foliation, reallocation, crustacean, tribulation, sterilization, modification, laceration, reconfiguration, gravitation, revaluation, deformation, approbation, lubrication, recertification, manifestation, transplantation, rectification, designation, dalmatian, depredation, authentication, amortization, orchestration, confirmation, negotiation, suffocation, ejaculation, infatuation, emancipation, regimentation, evocation, adjudication, localization, irradiation, unification, insemination, inauguration, animation, location, nationalization, assassination, confiscation, provocation, affirmation, falsification, clarification, deprivation, equivocation, dedication, syndication, misidentification, rehydration, horatian, denationalization, precipitation, adoration, deflation, deforestation, communization, perturbation, hybridization, restoration, exfoliation, examination, elaboration, temptation, transportation, origination, desolation, fumigation, frustration, triangulation, instrumentation, socialization, consultation, premeditation, inoculation, defamation, emanation, gratification, valuation, generation, normalization, pollination, impersonation, privatisation, sensation, sophistication, toleration, qualification, culmination, strangulation, reservation, litigation, stalinization, russification, documentation, adulation, colonization, intimidation, destabilization, reconsideration, misrepresentation, corroboration, retaliation, reparation, misinterpretation, computerization, undervaluation, echolocation, expectation, exaggeration, menstruation, ionization, justification, alienation, decentralization, reputation, decapitation, implication, exhumation, consternation, commendation, exasperation, augmentation, education, correlation, reforestation, cogitation, confederation, dissemination, purification, ramification, concentration, conversation, notation, balkanization, annotation, insubordination, renegotiation, pacification, rehabilitation, amputation, miseration, consolidation, personification, interpretation, optation, sequestration, implementation, fascination, pigmentation, marginalization, escalation, polarization, advocation, consummation, legalization, approximation, translation, representation, reinterpretation, retardation, denomination, innovation, intensification, adaptation, incrimination, discoloration, mutation, overpopulation, formation, overvaluation, recreation, compensation, experimentation, recrimination, annihilation, unionization, cremation, stagnation, procreation, stimulation, inhalation, molestation, transillumination, moderation, inundation, conservation, assimilation, mediation, imitation, coordination;
  2. nation, haitian, ration, station;
  3. citation, cessation, causation, cetacean, alsatian, castration, carnation;
  4. abdication, abrogation, accusation, activation, aberration, acclimation;
  5. abomination, acceleration, accreditation, abbreviation, accommodation;
  6. alphabetization, acidification, capitalization, cannibalization;
  7. decriminalization, americanization, demilitarization, antidiscrimination;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

Translations for solicitation:

Afrikaans word for Solicitation


Chinese word for Solicitation


French words for Solicitation

demande, sollicitation, invitation, sollicitations, racolage.

German words for Solicitation

bitten, Anfrage, Bitte, Aufforderung, Ersuchen, Ansuchen, Bewerbung, Ausschreibung, Aufruf, Angebotseinholung, Flehen.

Greek word for Solicitation

άγρα πελατών.

Italian word for Solicitation


Javanese word for Solicitation


Korean word for Solicitation


Malay word for Solicitation


Norwegian word for Solicitation


Polish word for Solicitation


Romanian word for Solicitation


Spanish words for Solicitation

solicitud, convocatoria, requerimiento, ruego, captación sexual, prostitución.

Tamil word for Solicitation


Turkish word for Solicitation


Vietnamese word for Solicitation

chào mời.