How To Spell some?

Correct spelling: some

What does the abbreviation some mean?

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What are the rhymes for some?

  1. gum, thumb, come, slum, crum, dumm, numb, strum, swum, chum, from, lumm, sum, mum, drum, rum, hum, scum, dumb, lum, gumm, bum, umm, grum, clum, plum, dum, lumb, thum, stum, plumb, maam, yum, glum, gmbh, mumm, um, humm, crumb;
  2. succumb, alum, become;

What are the translations for some?

Afrikaans word for Some


Arabic word for Some


Chinese words for Some

啲, 一些的.

Dutch words for Some

enige, ongeveer, enkel, enig, sommige, sommigen, enkelen.

French words for Some

environ, certains, quelques, certaines, dé, quelque.

German words for Some

einige, irgendein, welches, etwas, etwa, irgendeine, irgendetwas, manche, manch, irgendeines, du, (irgend)ein.

Italian word for Some

un po´.

Japanese words for Some

一部, いくつか, 幾つか, ところもある, 所もある, いちぶ, いくらかの.

Javanese word for Some


Malay word for Some


Norwegian word for Some

litt av en.

Polish words for Some

niektóry, niektóre, niektórzy, niektóra, jakieś.

Portuguese word for Some


Russian words for Some

некоторый, кое-кто.

Spanish words for Some

bastante, algunos, un poco de, unos, algún, cierta.

Swedish word for Some


Turkish word for Some