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Correct spelling: something

Definition of something:

  1. In some degree.
  2. An indeterminate or unknown event; a substance unknown, undeterminate, or unspecified; a portion; an indefinite quantity.

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Quotes for something:

  1. I have always wished I could learn to be a potter. I love collecting ceramics; it would be so fulfilling to create something lovely.
  2. You can say the opposite of something you've said but you can't do the opposite of something you've done.
  3. Unhappiness is something we are never taught about; we are taught to expect happiness, but never a Plan B to use to use when the happiness doesn't arrive.
  4. I have written every one of my novels to convince somebody of something.
  5. I think I'm much less self confident today. I actually went through a quite painful period because of that thinking that I was completely hopeless. But I think that's something that we all go through at various times of our lives and it was quite a sustained thing with me.