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Soon as a girl's name.

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Afrikaans word for Soon


Bengali word for Soon


Chinese words for Soon

很快, 不久, 不一会, 快便, 少刻, 无何, 未几, 少间, 一会儿, 然顷, 一半天.

Dutch words for Soon

straks, snel, liever, binnenkort, gauw, spoedig, weldra, algauw, eerlang.

French words for Soon

rapidement, vite, prochainement, tôt, sous peu, vivement, aussitôt.

German words for Soon

rasch, zeitnah, bald, Logo, demnächst, in Kürze, nächstens, baldigst, binnen kurzem, zeitig.

Greek word for Soon


Hindi word for Soon

जल्द ही.

Italian words for Soon

pronto, presto.

Japanese words for Soon

すぐ, 近日, 近々, いま, 間近, ほどなく, 程なく, じき, じきに, もうじき, ちかぢか, 直に, いまにも, ぼちぼち, とおからず, じょじょ, 近近, 漸て, ぽちぽち, ちかく, 程無く, 近ぢか, その内, 除々, 除除, まぢか, まじか, もう直, 追っ掛け, 徐徐, 遠からず.

Javanese word for Soon


Polish word for Soon


Portuguese words for Soon

brevemente, cedo.

Romanian word for Soon


Russian word for Soon


Spanish words for Soon

luego, breve, dentro de poco, temprano, prontamente, rápidamente, próximamente.

Swedish word for Soon


Ukrainian word for Soon