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How To Spell source?

Correct spelling: source

List of misspellings for source:

  • fources,
  • resoursce,
  • sourcerer,
  • resorce,
  • solece,
  • ciurse,
  • resopurce,
  • sourcve,
  • somce,
  • sourceror,
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What does the abbreviation source mean?

Related words for source




The Elohist is, according to the documentary hypothesis, one of four sources of the Torah, together with the Yahwist, the Deuteronomist and the Priestly source. Its name comes from Elohim, the term used in the Hebrew and Canaanite languages for the Gods.

Open Source Conference

Rotterdam Termination Source


Musical group

Rotterdam Termination Source is a Dutch gabber/hardcore group fronted by Maurice Steenbergen, initially with Danny Scholte as well.



Commune in France

Saint-Germain-Source-Seine is a former commune in the Côte-d'Or department in eastern France. On 1 January 2009, Saint-Germain-Source-Seine was merged with Blessey to form the new commune of Source-Seine.

The Source at White Plains


Shopping complex in White Plains, New York

The Source at White Plains is a large urban-style shopping complex in downtown White Plains, New York, owned and managed by 'New England Development'.

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Translations for source:

Chinese words for Source

源泉, 來源, 源点, 内源, 来源.

Dutch words for Source

bron, oorsprong, herkomst, komaf.

Finnish word for Source


French words for Source

source, provenance, origine, fonte, naissance.

German words for Source

beziehen, Herkunft, Mine, Quelle, Ursprung, stammen, original, Quell, Urgrund, Gewährsmann, Hilfsquelle, Informantin.

Greek word for Source


Hindi word for Source


Italian words for Source

sorgente, provenienza.

Japanese words for Source

ソース, 出所, 源泉, もと, らんしょう, 所出, みなもと, でどころ, げんきょう, 出場, がんきょう, 根原, おおね, ゆらい, 濫觴, 元兇, しゅっしょ, みなかみ, でばしょ, しょしゅつ, はっせいげん, 水上, げんしょ, はっしんげん, 源.

Malay word for Source


Norwegian word for Source


Polish word for Source


Portuguese words for Source

médio, origem, princípio, procedência, nascente, proveniência.

Romanian word for Source


Russian words for Source

первоисточник, исходник, исток.

Spanish words for Source

causa, fuente, nacimiento, motivo, manantial, de origen, principio, origen, raíz, proveedora, procedencia.

Swedish word for Source


Turkish word for Source


Ukrainian word for Source


Vietnamese word for Source