How To Spell space?

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What does the abbreviation space mean?

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What are the rhymes for space?

  1. base, brace, erase, lambastes, nace, vase, encase, misplace, dace, chace, pace, bass, chase, lace, place, embrace, caisse, thrace, heyse, retrace, wace, case, ace, race, cayce, mace, replace, trace, grace, glace, incase, face;
  2. disgrace, efface, displace, deface, debase, abase, apace;
  3. interlace;

What are the translations for space?

Arabic word for Space


Bengali word for Space

স্পা চিকিত্সা.

Chinese words for Space

隔开, 太空, 空格, 地儿, 空间.

Dutch words for Space

plek, plaats, ruimte, spatie, kosmos.

French words for Space

espace, superficie, endroit, lieu, intervalle, place, emplacement, distance, espacer.

German words for Space

verteilen, Platz, Raum, Frist, Stellplatz, Abstand, Zwischenraum, sperren, Weltall, mit Abstand anordnen, in Zwischenräumen anordnen, Zeitraum, Leerstelle, Weltraum, Leerzeichen, All, Leertaste, freier Raum, Leerschritt, Leerfeld, Durchschuss, Spatium, Ausschlussstück.

Greek word for Space


Italian word for Space


Japanese words for Space

空間, 宇宙, 空白, 宙, うちゅう, くうかん, 界, 相中, さかい, ちゅう, くうはく, 境.

Javanese word for Space

Spa perawatan.

Korean word for Space


Malay word for Space

Rawatan spa.

Marathi word for Space

स्पा उपचार.

Polish word for Space


Portuguese words for Space

posto, sítio.

Russian words for Space

пространство, космос, пробел, космический, пространственный.

Spanish words for Space

lugar, entorno, distancia, intervalo, espacio, lapso, zona, sala, espaciar, vano, cabida, ROM.

Swedish word for Space


Tamil word for Space

ஸ்பா சிகிச்சை.

Turkish word for Space

Kaplıca tedavisi.