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How To Spell spark?

Correct spelling: spark

Definition of spark:

  1. brightness and animation of countenance; "he had a sparkle in his eye"

List of misspellings for spark:

  • spaek,
  • spack,
  • sepage,
  • spaker,
  • wpork,
  • spoak,
  • carpark,
  • spaeks,
  • spage,
  • spork,
  • skirk,
  • thispage,
  • spidar,
  • spagethi,
  • subpage,
  • ospeak,
  • sparow,
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  • speakw,
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  • sparkes,
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  • spoek.

What does the abbreviation spark mean?


to scatter
Spark as a boy's name is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Spark is "to scatter". Also as in a scattered bit of fire. Usually a nickname. Basketball player Sparky Lyle.

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Quotes for spark:

  1. Now I'm kind of different. I'm not saying I lost my spark- I still have it- but I don't chase the goal as much as I used to. I'm playing for the team and I still know I can score, but it's different than two or three years back.
  2. Youth is, after all, just a moment, but it is the moment, the spark that you always carry in your heart.
  3. The divine spark leaps from the finger of God to the finger of Adam, whether it takes ultimate shape in a law of physics or a law of the land, a poem or a policy, a sonata or a mechanical computer.
  4. The work completed during the special session was just the beginning. During those six days we lit a spark that will positively impact the lives of our children and grandchildren, but the full fire is yet to come.
  5. The artist must create a spark before he can make a fire and before art is born, the artist must be ready to be consumed by the fire of his own creation.

Rhymes for spark:

  1. parke, quark, hark, lark, clark, marc, starke, shark, clarke, ark, merc, arc, barch, bark, park, parc, dark, sark, marque, harc, stark, sparc, narc, mark, starck;
  2. embark, remark, demark;
  3. disembark;

Translations for spark:

Arabic word for Spark


Dutch words for Spark

uitlokken, ontketenen, vonk, vonken, veroorzaken, ontsteken, tot aanzetten.

French words for Spark

provoquer, susciter, allumer, flammèche.

German words for Spark

entfachen, Funke, Funken, Zündfunken, Zündfunke, Funken sprühen.

Greek word for Spark


Hindi word for Spark


Italian words for Spark

scintilla, favilla.

Malay word for Spark

Percikan api.

Norwegian word for Spark


Polish word for Spark


Portuguese words for Spark

faísca, chispar, centelha, chama, fagulha.

Romanian word for Spark


Spanish words for Spark

desencadenar, provocar, pizca, destello, suscitar, despertar, chispa, chispear, chispazo, echar chispas.

Swedish words for Spark

spark, gnista.

Ukrainian word for Spark


Vietnamese word for Spark

tia lửa.