How To Spell special?

Correct spelling: special

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What is the definition of special?

  1. added to a regular schedule; "a special holiday flight"; "put on special buses for the big game"

What does the abbreviation special mean?

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What are the translations for special?

Afrikaans word for Special


Arabic word for Special


Dutch words for Special

bijzonder, speciaal, specifiek, uniek, buitengewoon, bijzonder.

French words for Special

unique, particulier, extraordinaire, exceptionnel, singulier, propre, spécial, ponctuel, privilégié, propres, extraordinaires, d'exception.

German words for Special

besondere, speziell, besonders, sonderlich, singulär, besonderer, besonderes, extra, Sonderausgabe, Extrablatt, apart, spezial, etwas Spezielles, Extrawurst.

Italian word for Special


Japanese words for Special

特別, スペシャル, 臨時, 特段, 格段, エキストラ, とくべつ, 別格, とくしゅ, べっかく, 一種独得, ぶんがい, とくだん, はかく, 一種独特, エクストラ, 破格, 格外, かくがい, とくてい, 分外, りんじ, ひとかたならぬ, かくだん, 一方ならぬ.

Javanese word for Special


Malay word for Special


Norwegian word for Special


Polish words for Special

specyficzny, specjalny.

Russian word for Special


Spanish words for Special

propio, especial, peculiar, particular, especiales.

Swedish word for Special


Ukrainian word for Special