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How To Spell spectrum?

Correct spelling: spectrum

List of misspellings for spectrum:

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  • spectruk,
  • specyrum,
  • whippedcream,
  • hypogastrium,
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What does the abbreviation spectrum mean?

Related words for spectrum

Conus spectrum


Conus spectrum, common name the spectre cone, is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Conidae, the cone snails and their allies. Like all species within the genus Conus, these snails are predatory and venomous.

Grote Spectrum Encyclopedie



The Grote Spectrum Encyclopedie is a Dutch encyclopedia which treats subjects in 5000 large and comprehensive articles with a clear accent on the social sciences.

Spectrum of Death


Album by Morbid Saint

Spectrum of Death is the debut album by Morbid Saint. It was recorded at Opus Recording in Gurnee, Illinois. It was produced by Eric Greif and engineered by Al Pangeliron.

Spectrum SF



Spectrum SF was an independent publishing company, specializing in the publication short and serial length works of science fiction. It was founded in 2000 by Paul Fraser and ran until 2003. The first publication was in 2001. The company has published work by Charles Stross, Eric Brown, Mary Soon Lee, Alastair Reynolds, and Stephen Baxter. Spectrum SF published the first appearance of the Laundry Files in The Atrocity Archive from Stross.

Spectrum, Bristol


Spectrum is a five-storey modern office building in Bristol, United Kingdom. The building began construction in 1982 and was completed in 1984. It was designed by BGP Group Architects. The building is in close proximity to Cabot Circus. Companies occupying offices in the building include Civica and Bupa Healthcare.

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Examples of usage for spectrum:

  1. It was nearly a year before a dark line entered this spiritual spectrum – My Lady of the Chimney Corner by Alexander Irvine

Quotes for spectrum:

  1. It was regarded as a responsibility of the BBC to provide programs which have a broad spectrum of interest, and if there was a hole in that spectrum, then the BBC would fill it.
  2. Rap is only one end of a whole spectrum of verbal play and virtuosity. Rap is geared for aural pleasure.
  3. So I think we're, we're, we're as broad a political party, if not broader than the Democratic Party, just in a different political spectrum.
  4. Significant steps have been taken since 9 -11 to protect out country here at home, but much remains to be done, Americans from across the political spectrum must come together to develop the next phase of our efforts to counter global terror.
  5. I'd written songs with lots of people, from one spectrum to the other.

Translations for spectrum:

Dutch words for Spectrum

reeks, scala, spectrum, bandbreedte, gamma.

French words for Spectrum

gamme, spectre.

German words for Spectrum

Bandbreite, Spektrum, Palette, Skala, Breite, Leistungsspektrum.

Greek word for Spectrum


Hindi word for Spectrum


Italian word for Spectrum


Norwegian word for Spectrum


Polish word for Spectrum


Portuguese words for Spectrum

faixa, variedade, leque, escopo.

Romanian word for Spectrum


Spanish words for Spectrum

alcance, gama, rango, variedad, escala, abanico, espectro.

Tamil word for Spectrum


Ukrainian word for Spectrum