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How To Spell speech?

Correct spelling: speech

Definition of speech:

  1. To make a speech; to harangue.

List of misspellings for speech:

  • speachal,
  • scetch,
  • spaish,
  • spotchy,
  • suuch,
  • spechel,
  • spahish,
  • speeak,
  • speceh,
  • thespeech,
  • spaech,
  • spycho,
  • serch,
  • specey,
  • schechy,
  • sereach,
  • serche,
  • speach,
  • setch,
  • cezch,
  • spinch,
  • speechh,
  • speciam,
  • speachs,
  • speah,
  • sarech,
  • speec,
  • specia,
  • sportcheck,
  • stech,
  • splach,
  • spechil,
  • specheal,
  • sunporch,
  • fastpitch,
  • speache,
  • searech,
  • depeche,
  • speciay,
  • scopewhich,
  • spechile,
  • speciai,
  • speesch,
  • seach,
  • speechs,
  • speshel,
  • specch,
  • scech,
  • spoeech,
  • spech,
  • speeched,
  • sproach,
  • speeching,
  • speep,
  • speci,
  • speechbaby,
  • especiay,
  • peech,
  • gaspacho,
  • speaech,
  • specer,
  • spanich,
  • speeach,
  • spechal,
  • speeech,
  • saerch,
  • speshil,
  • spychic,
  • spenish,
  • freespeech,
  • superrich,
  • skech,
  • seaerch,
  • speacher,
  • supershow,
  • sppech,
  • speeck,
  • spnich,
  • aspeech,
  • schech,
  • speecial,
  • spiach,
  • despach,
  • seearch,
  • slowpitch,
  • speechis,
  • speachiel,
  • speeche,
  • speeel,
  • spash,
  • speecha,
  • speeh,
  • sreech,
  • speichal,
  • sreach,
  • sertch,
  • scetchy,
  • seech,
  • skechy,
  • gazapacho.

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Redfern Park Speech


The Redfern Park Speech was made on 10 December 1992 by Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating at Redfern Park in Redfern, New South Wales. The speech dealt with the challenges faced by Indigenous Australians.

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Novel by Tom Rob Smith

The Secret Speech is the second novel in a trilogy by British author Tom Rob Smith; it was released in April 2009. The book features a repeat appearance of Leo Stepanovich Demidov, the protagonist of Smith's first book, Child 44.

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Rhymes for speech:

  1. leach, beech, preach, peach, bleach, breech, breach, leech, beach, screech, keech, meech, teach, reach, each;
  2. impeach;

Translations for speech:

Afrikaans word for Speech


Chinese words for Speech

言, 演说, 演辞, 话语, 陈词, 嘴里.

Dutch words for Speech

taal, toespraak, opmerking, spraak, redevoering, voordracht, uiting, uitlating, oratie, spraakvermogen.

French words for Speech

discours, speech, élocution, langage, laïus.

German words for Speech

Vortrag, Ansprache, Rede, Intervention, Parole, Sprache, sprechen, Tirade, Festrede, Plädoyer.

Italian word for Speech


Japanese words for Speech

スピーチ, 講演, 発話, 発言, 発語, ことば, 弁, 言葉づかい, せりふ, ぜっとう, 舌端, げんじ, 弁舌, いっせき, 言葉つき, はつげん, 詞, はつご, 科白, かはく, べんぜつ, べん, はく, 口上, べんこう, はつわ, 舌頭, 辯.

Javanese word for Speech


Malay word for Speech


Norwegian word for Speech


Portuguese words for Speech

fala, palestra, linguagem, pronunciamento, fonação.

Romanian word for Speech


Russian word for Speech


Spanish words for Speech

discurso, habla, expresión, charla, ponencia, voz, lenguaje, palabras, alocución.

Tamil word for Speech


Ukrainian word for Speech


Vietnamese word for Speech

khả năng nói.