How To Spell speech?

Correct spelling: speech

What is the definition of speech?

  1. To make a speech; to harangue.

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What are the rhymes for speech?

  1. leach, beech, preach, peach, bleach, breech, breach, leech, beach, screech, keech, meech, teach, reach, each;
  2. impeach;

What are the translations for speech?

Afrikaans word for Speech


Chinese words for Speech

言, 演说, 演辞, 话语, 陈词, 嘴里.

Dutch words for Speech

taal, toespraak, opmerking, spraak, redevoering, voordracht, uiting, uitlating, oratie, spraakvermogen.

French words for Speech

discours, speech, élocution, langage, laïus.

German words for Speech

Vortrag, Ansprache, Rede, Intervention, Parole, Sprache, sprechen, Tirade, Festrede, Plädoyer.

Italian word for Speech


Japanese words for Speech

スピーチ, 講演, 発話, 発言, 発語, ことば, 弁, 言葉づかい, せりふ, ぜっとう, 舌端, げんじ, 弁舌, いっせき, 言葉つき, はつげん, 詞, はつご, 科白, かはく, べんぜつ, べん, はく, 口上, べんこう, はつわ, 舌頭, 辯.

Javanese word for Speech


Malay word for Speech


Norwegian word for Speech


Portuguese words for Speech

fala, palestra, linguagem, pronunciamento, fonação.

Romanian word for Speech


Russian word for Speech


Spanish words for Speech

discurso, habla, expresión, charla, ponencia, voz, lenguaje, palabras, alocución.

Tamil word for Speech


Ukrainian word for Speech


Vietnamese word for Speech

khả năng nói.