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How To Spell speller?

Correct spelling: speller

Definition of speller:

  1. A spelling book.

List of misspellings for speller:

  • speker,
  • specel,
  • supllier,
  • celluer,
  • spellll,
  • speshel,
  • speled,
  • specle,
  • specll,
  • spelle,
  • spellig,
  • spelles,
  • smaeller,
  • slpell,
  • sseller,
  • sedler,
  • sepll,
  • suplaier,
  • spull,
  • saller,
  • sommellier,
  • piller,
  • spechile,
  • stapeler,
  • spellt,
  • steller,
  • splle,
  • soleley,
  • selle,
  • speople,
  • speell,
  • spellleed,
  • spledor,
  • spole,
  • speilbur,
  • spaell,
  • speel,
  • spelli,
  • splir,
  • speler,
  • sealler,
  • spellls,
  • zepplen,
  • sellar,
  • seler,
  • spelld,
  • suller,
  • spekaer,
  • simeller,
  • speal,
  • spella,
  • spolier,
  • snaller,
  • speicllay,
  • spirle,
  • sceduler,
  • sller,
  • speacle,
  • sevelle,
  • suppllier,
  • spelleed,
  • spilter,
  • spilly,
  • speeele,
  • spele,
  • sroller,
  • scoller,
  • selller,
  • spely,
  • selleer,
  • sepale,
  • selaer,
  • splee,
  • suplyer,
  • spoler,
  • spoiller,
  • spioler,
  • celler,
  • spesuel,
  • spellin,
  • spellled,
  • sypplier,
  • spleep,
  • sellor,
  • spille,
  • spoller,
  • setller,
  • specely,
  • espeaially,
  • stealler,
  • mispelle,
  • speopel,
  • speill,
  • suplier,
  • spechel,
  • spple,
  • spelll,
  • sppell,
  • speelt,
  • speeel.

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This graph shows how "speller" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for speller:

  1. She was a good student and developed early into a wonderful speller and reader. – Rose of Dutcher's Coolly by Hamlin Garland

Quotes for speller:

  1. Do you spell it with a "V" or a "W"?' inquired the judge. 'That depends upon the taste and fancy of the speller, my Lord'.

Rhymes for speller:

  1. teller, seller, dweller, stellar, yeller, steller, feller, eller, keller, heller, zeller, weller, sheller, cellar;
  2. lamellar, reseller, propeller, bestseller;
  3. interstellar;

Translations for speller:

Arabic word for Speller


Dutch word for Speller


French word for Speller


German word for Speller


Greek word for Speller


Hindi word for Speller


Italian word for Speller

correttore ortografico.

Japanese word for Speller


Malay word for Speller


Marathi word for Speller


Portuguese word for Speller


Romanian words for Speller

abecedar, ortografii.

Tamil word for Speller


Turkish word for Speller

imlâ kılavuzu.

Vietnamese word for Speller

người đánh vần từng mâu tự.