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Correct spelling: spike

Common misspellings for spike:

sike, spie, soike, sabaca, sbacus, sbase.


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This graph shows how "spike" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for spike:

  1. They may be attached by his copper wire, but those of the form of the rose labels with the name affixed at the top of a long spike are less likely to be lost. –  by
  2. Among them was conspicuous the most magnificent of the genus, the noble Tillandsia lingulata, with its spike of gorgeous crimson flowers projecting from the midst of its broad sheathing leaves. –  by
  3. Like that jail lady in the Bible who put the kybosh on a feller named Scissors by nailing his head to the kitchen floor with a railroad spike –  by

Rhymes for spike:

  1. bike, dyke, hike, ike, like, mike, pike, reich, strike, tike, tyke, fike, fyke, wike, wyke, pyke, eike, eick, psych, dike;
  2. alike, dislike, unlike, vandyke;