How To Spell spindle?

Correct spelling: spindle

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What are the quotes for spindle?

  1. A man of great memory without learning hath a rock and a spindle and no staff to spin.

What are the rhymes for spindle?

  1. windle, kindle, shindle, tindal, lindell, swindle, tyndall;
  2. kindall, bindle, grindle, dwindle, brindle, indal;
  3. rekindle;

What are the translations for spindle?

Arabic word for Spindle


Chinese words for Spindle

心轴, 转轴, 的主轴, 纺锤, 转动轴, 纱绽, 筳.

Dutch words for Spindle

spil, spoel.

French words for Spindle

tige, axe, broche, mandrin, arbre, fuseau.

German words for Spindle

Welle, Spindel, Rotor, Tretlagerachse.

Javanese word for Spindle


Korean word for Spindle


Malay word for Spindle


Marathi word for Spindle


Polish word for Spindle


Portuguese words for Spindle

eixo, ferramenta, fuso, veio.

Romanian word for Spindle


Russian word for Spindle


Spanish words for Spindle

eje, perno, husillo, huso, mandril.

Turkish word for Spindle


Ukrainian word for Spindle


Vietnamese word for Spindle

con quay.