How To Spell spoil?

Correct spelling: spoil

What is the definition of spoil?

  1. alter from the original

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What are the rhymes for spoil?

  1. coil, coyle, oil, doyle, roil, hoyle, boyle, soil, royle, boil, foyle, broil, moyle, foil, toil;
  2. recoil, lukoil, uncoil, embroil;

What are the translations for spoil?

Arabic word for Spoil


Chinese words for Spoil

宠坏, 惯养, 弄糟, 弄坏, 娇宠.

Dutch words for Spoil

buit, bederven, verknoeien, vergallen, verzieken, verknallen, verprutsen.

French words for Spoil

saboter, endommager, gaspiller, pourrir, ruiner, consentir, massacrer, choyer, chouchouter, contaminer, périr.

German words for Spoil

behindern, vereiteln, verderben, ruinieren, verziehen, verklappen, verunzieren, versalzen, verhunzen, versauen, verschandeln, verbauen, vermiesen, verpesten.

Greek word for Spoil


Italian word for Spoil


Japanese words for Spoil

台無しにする, 冷ます, スポイル, 腐らせる, 腐らす, くされる, あまやかす, ちやほや, 腐れる, ちゃほや, 傷める, くさらせる, くさらす, さます, 甘やかす.

Javanese word for Spoil


Korean word for Spoil

(...을) 망쳐놓다.

Malay word for Spoil


Polish words for Spoil

zepsuć się, rozpieszczać, popsuć.

Portuguese words for Spoil

danificar, estragar, espólio.

Romanian word for Spoil

a strica.

Spanish words for Spoil

estropearse, estropear, saque, arruinar, mimar, botín, presa, amargar, aguar, malcriar, despojo.

Tamil word for Spoil