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What are the usage examples for spray?

  1. The wind drove the rain and spray with greater force than before against his face. – Won from the Waves by W.H.G. Kingston
  2. I like the taste of the spray – The Desert of Wheat by Zane Grey
  3. A mass of cold spray was suddenly projected over the bow. – The Boy Aviators' Flight for a Fortune by Wilbur Lawton

What are the rhymes for spray?

  1. paye, wei, mey, cray, jay, wy, blay, fray, pray, kay, jae, rae, che, wray, j, yea, jaye, say, quay, ney, stay, flay, vey, slay, yay, hwe, dey, trey, may, neigh, bay, klay, dae, tay, maye, haye, bray, sleigh, saye, khe, rey, gway, bey, brae, ley, gray, raye, re, prey, sway, dray, shea, grey, k, waye, pei, lei, brey, de, tae, faye, lait, nay, ray, gaye, quai, sze, kaye, daye, ne, pay, ae, nej, ay, sta, fe, play, fay, mae, hay, mei, hey, tray, wey, they, lay, drey, graye, cay, se, frey, stray, whey, way, shay, fey, day, weigh, ca, clay;
  2. cafe, ballet, delray, abbe, olay, okay, ha, dossier, astray, buffet, millay, calais, survey, macrae, bombay, croquet, moray, renee, soiree, chalet, halfway, souffle, passe, orsay, oj, decay, prepay, hervey, filet, levey, mccrea, today, cliche, obey, gervais, carre, nisei, away, ek, risque, mcveigh, o'shea, da, cathay, toupee, hurray, jose, parquet, portray, saute, beauvais, bouquet, crochet, beret, purvey, dk, asay, puree, sorbet, cache, defray, delay, repay, rene, monet, ga, b-j, essay, manet, ole, allay, sergei, dismay, mackay, replay, valet, mckay, hooray, convey, nikkei, belay, array, display, fillet, betray;
  3. disobey, cea, cabernet, cabaret, bua, jna, perrier, piaget, underplay, overplay, ekk, faberge, uva, overstay, underway, intraday, chevrolet, disarray, bta, fiance, monterey, aaa, dak, ita, lyonnais, bouvier, ira, monterrey, attache;
  4. noaa, foia, cabriolet, asea, ceta, naivete, hiaa, communique;
  5. waga;

What are the translations for spray?

Arabic word for Spray


Chinese words for Spray

喷, 喷涂, 洒, 喷淋, 喷剂, 喷雾器, 浪花, 雾化器.

Dutch words for Spray

spuiten, nevel, straal, verstuiven, verstuiver, spuitbus, bestuiven, spuit, sproeien, besproeien, vernevelen, twijg, strop.

French words for Spray

traiter, aérosol, vaporiser, pulvériser, asperger, brumisateur, arroser, vaporisateur, atomiseur, pulvérisateur, gerbe.

German words for Spray

abspritzen, lackieren, Zweig, bespritzen, Gischt, Jet, spritzen, Spray, Sprühnebel, besprühen, versprühen, Aerosol, Brause, Bombe, stieben, Spritzwasser, Sprühwasser, Spritzmittel, Sprühregen, Wasserstaub, einsprühen, sprayen, verspritzen, zerstäuben, stäuben.

Greek word for Spray


Hindi word for Spray


Italian words for Spray

spruzzo, getto vaporizzato.

Japanese words for Spray

スプレー, 噴射, 霧吹き, 霧状, 噴射式, 吹きかける, しぶき, 小枝, ふきかける, みずけむり, 水煙, 吹掛ける, ふんしゃ, ふんしゃしき, きりじょう, きりふき, こえだ, すいえん, 霧, 水烟, 吹き掛ける.

Javanese word for Spray


Malay word for Spray


Marathi word for Spray


Polish words for Spray

aerozol, natrysk.

Portuguese words for Spray

pulverizar, borrifo, espirrar, borrifar, esguicho, jacto, aerossol, vaporizador, nebulizador, vaporizar, aspergir.

Russian word for Spray

мелкие брызги.

Spanish words for Spray

pulverizador, rociada, rociar, espuma, pistola, atomizador, jato, aspersión, espray, pulverización, rociador, atomizar, fumigar, pintar con aerosol, echar aerosol.

Swedish word for Spray


Tamil word for Spray


Turkish word for Spray


Ukrainian word for Spray


Vietnamese word for Spray

bụi nước.