How To Spell spree?

Correct spelling: spree

What is the definition of spree?

  1. go on a spree and indulge, e.g., a shopping spree

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What are the usage examples for spree?

  1. Oh, of course Crevequer may be just on the spree for to- night; he may dress better as a rule. – The Furnace by Rose Macaulay
  2. Many men will go on a spree on Saturday night on the theory that they can rest up on Sunday, who would not think of going on a spree on Monday night or Tuesday night, for it would interfere with the work next day. – Dollars and Sense by Col. Wm. C. Hunter

What are the rhymes for spree?

  1. marquee, thi, mcghee, decree, sea, ghee, resignee, mit, jessee, key, fop, yie, cac, tea, the, blea, parolee, nie, chee, xie, bee, eap, t, jie, sri, ib, degree, njt, cyb, kea, oversea, se, ot, brea, ged, lxi, jubilee, c, nabil, louie, flea, wee, three, mcgee, odp, nghi, inductee, detainee, sze, thee, gutsy, nominee, ne, ab, tree, nee, flee, ski, banshee, lp, emcee, mi, honoree, quai, dundee, v, qi, ip, zee, andree, potpourri, referee, appointee, c3, bui, tv, mt, franchisee, mme, she, ee, bt, pawnee, brie, yi, rb, bbc, crea, g, cc, debris, he, cree, tennessee, m3, esprit, te, ravi, guarantee, thierry, cie, pea, cod, oad, dea, rea, goatee, syp, shri, khe, valoree, li, z, mpg, kee, conferee, see, dee, slee, p, ye, shi, vendee, bibi, glee, lee, loree, devotee, pattee, de, sheree, jee, cd, markee, guaranty, licensee, kyi, foresee, mea, jaycee, xi, fi, zea, chea, undersea, guarani, dsv, mee, lessee, be, ofc, smee, pri, klee, ranee, tenn, ree, rosalee, curie, plea, vee, atp, fee, gyi, escapee, designee, d, lavie, sie, ve, re, bourgeoisie, leigh, bea, si, musee, apc, we, retiree, ti, sci, dupree, marquis, ji, yangtze, capri, b, draftee, tyree, gee, bree, indri, repartee, chablis, snee, quay, knee, yee, ddt, tee, marie, je, enlistee, nic, ki, waikiki, sightsee, id, mc, qui, tse, deportee, sep, whoopee, lea, cat-3, ze, henri, prix, trustee, rosemarie, magee, vi, hee, disagree, free, spie, trainee, internee, fsi, yippee, cxc, rupee, enrollee, pree, nestle, me, lsd;
  2. ac, adee, albee, achee, abee, alee, agree;
  3. absentee, abt, adoptee, amc, adoree, amputee, addressee;
  4. irit, hnat, lapd, geac, interviewee, knbc;
  5. awb;

What are the translations for spree?

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juerga, farra, parranda, borrachera.

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