How To Spell spring?

Correct spelling: spring

What does the abbreviation spring mean?

 \s-pri-ng, sp-ring\

Spring as a girl's name is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Spring is "springtime". Used as a given name from the 1970s.

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What are the usage examples for spring?

  1. Then you did not know what happened here last spring

What are the rhymes for spring?

  1. ing, bring, thing, wing, ng, fling, ping, ming, ching, wring, bing, king, zing, xing, cling, ding, ling, swing, ying, sling, qing, ting, sing, dring, jing, string, singh, lyng, ging, ring, sting;
  2. unring, upswing, peking, chongqing, beijing;

What are the translations for spring?

Afrikaans words for Spring

Spring, die lente.

Arabic word for Spring


Chinese words for Spring

春, 春季, 弹簧, 春天, 弹力, 发条, 春令, 绷簧.

Dutch words for Spring

voorjaar, veer, bron, springveer, ontspringen.

French words for Spring

source, entrain, saut, sauter, fonte, lente, bondir, printemps, provenir, élasticité.

German words for Spring

Triebfeder, Sprung, Lenz, Quelle, Ressort, Bond, Brunnen, quellen, Quell, springen, Frühjahr, Frühling, Feder, Born, federn, Salto, Druckfeder, Sprungfeder, Antriebsfeder, schnellen, sprießen.

Greek word for Spring


Hindi word for Spring


Italian words for Spring

sorgente, molla.

Japanese words for Spring

春, スプリング, 泉, 湧水, こし, おどり, 芳春, コシ, 翔ぶ, はずむ, 勢み, プランタン, 飛上がる, 跳び上がる, 陽春, ようしゅん, 勢む, 噴泉, ふんせん, 躍り, はずみ, とぶ, ゆうすい, 跳上がる, とびあがる, 跳ぶ, ほうしゅん, いずみ, 弾む, プリンタン.

Korean word for Spring


Malay word for Spring

Musim bunga.

Marathi word for Spring

वसंत ऋतु.

Polish words for Spring

skok, wiosna, sprężyna, wyskoczyć, źródełko, wypaczać się, wypaczyć się, wyskakiwać.

Portuguese words for Spring

nascer, mola, primaveril, pular, pulo, nascente, manancial, primaveris.

Romanian word for Spring


Russian words for Spring

весенний, пружинный, весна, пружина, источник, родник, прыгать, скакать.

Spanish words for Spring

fuente, saltar, primavera, muelle, resorte, manantial, elasticidad, primaveral, brincar, vigor, ballesta.

Swedish word for Spring


Tamil word for Spring


Turkish word for Spring


Ukrainian word for Spring


Vietnamese word for Spring

mùa xuân.