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How To Spell square?

Correct spelling: square

Definition of square:

  1. turn the oar, while rowing

List of misspellings for square:

  • secuire,
  • sweaqr,
  • suare,
  • squier,
  • squade,
  • squair,
  • squeerl,
  • sauare,
  • squrrel,
  • sgare,
  • squairrel,
  • quarer,
  • squese,
  • squee,
  • 565square,
  • ssure,
  • squres,
  • seculare,
  • squeee,
  • squars,
  • squiter,
  • suagr,
  • skarey,
  • sourcre,
  • sqauk,
  • squirrle,
  • suure,
  • scacre,
  • sguare,
  • sequay,
  • quare,
  • squeze,
  • sugrey,
  • squaer,
  • syure,
  • sphare,
  • saugage,
  • squez,
  • seucre,
  • swuare,
  • ssquare,
  • squere,
  • macquaire,
  • squart,
  • squrriely,
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  • seugri,
  • scuture,
  • squarel,
  • surcure,
  • fiquare,
  • squeem,
  • squirlle,
  • quore,
  • squard,
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  • squadren,
  • aquaria,
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  • squireal,
  • squril,
  • squach.

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Beyazıt Square is a square in the district of Fatih, situated in the European part of Istanbul, Turkey. It is officially named Freedom Square, but is known as Beyazıt Square after the Bayezid II Mosque on one side of it.

Newtown Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania


Township in Pennsylvania

Newtown Township is a township in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, United States. Prior to 1789 it was part of Chester County. The population was 12,216 as of the 2010 census.

Slavija Square


Transit stop in Belgrade, Serbia

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Rhymes for square:

  1. khmer, there, flair, bare, snare, guerre, ferre, ware, bahr, skare, gare, fare, herr, blair, hare, fer, stair, pare, where, clare, mare, mer, air, hair, lair, darr, maire, cher, tear, kehr, wear, derr, sayre, terre, care, chair, werre, gehr, prayer, swear, blare, claire, nair, baer, glare, they're, flare, bear, mair, sare, share, hehr, lehr, clair, serr, err, pair, scare, bair, ne'er, heir, fair, faire, lare, spare, rare, eyre, gair, stare, dare, their, pear;
  2. declare, forswear, pierre, moliere, beware, mcnair, unfair, midair, montclair, dispair, affair, astaire, ensnare, compare, o'hare, abair, voltaire, sinclair, alair, allaire, swissair, impair, repair, despair, adair, comair, adaire, prepare, aware, belair;
  3. unaware, billionaire, disrepair, debonair, usair, millionaire, javier, icelandair, solitaire, doctrinaire, questionnaire, aer;
  4. concessionaire;
  5. multimillionaire;

Translations for square:

Afrikaans word for Square


Arabic word for Square


Chinese words for Square

平方, 方形, 正方形, 四角形, 轸方, 轸, 堂堂正正, 方形的.

Dutch word for Square


French words for Square

place, pôle, carré, square, équerre, concilier, plein, cadrer, place principale, carrées, quadratique, élever au carré.

German words for Square

Platz, ordentlich, Karo, ausgleichen, zusammenpassen, Feld, begleichen, abgleichen, direkt, eckig, Quadrat, zweite Potenz, Winkelmaß, Langweiler, quadratisch, viereckig, spießig, quadrieren, abrechnen, Karree, Winkel, gleichziehen, Hauptplatz, Vierkant, Viereck, Rechteck, Quadratzahl, Geviert, Spießer, rechtwinklig, vierkantig, vierschrötig, glattstellen, quadratisch machen, rechtwinklig machen.

Greek word for Square


Italian word for Square


Japanese words for Square

平方, 方形, 正方形, スクエア, 四角, スクウェア, 四角い, 正方, 真四角, スコヤ, しかく, しかくい, 四角四面, ましかく, せいほう, まっしかく, 平方形, かたじん, せいほうけい, 堅人, ほうけい, まっ四角, へいほうけい, 正方形の.

Javanese word for Square


Korean word for Square


Malay word for Square


Marathi word for Square


Norwegian word for Square


Polish words for Square

prosto, rynek, plac, kwadrat, kwadratowy, szczerze, szczery, kostka, skwer, placyk, czworokąt, czworobok, pierwiastek, do kwadratu, kwita, czworokątny, prostopadły, czworoboczny.

Portuguese words for Square

quadra, praça, quadrado, quadradas, esquadro, quadrícula, praceta, segunda potência de um número (matemática), quadrangular, retangular, antiquado, retrógrado.

Russian words for Square

площадь, квадрат, квадратный, честный, сквер, каре, прямоугольник, прямоугольный.

Spanish words for Square

justo, cuadrar, cuadro, largo, casilla, cuadrado, abundante, plaza, escuadra, recuadro, cuadrangular.

Swedish word for Square


Tamil word for Square


Turkish word for Square


Ukrainian word for Square