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How To Spell squeeze?

Correct spelling: squeeze

Definition of squeeze:

  1. squeeze or press together; "she compressed her lips"; "the muscle contracted"

List of misspellings for squeeze:

  • suqeeze,
  • squers,
  • squeize,
  • squees,
  • squesse,
  • sqeese,
  • squeeaed,
  • sqeezed,
  • sausege,
  • squeeker,
  • squeel,
  • squere,
  • squeekies,
  • squeeses,
  • squeme,
  • queeze,
  • sceeze,
  • squeezzed,
  • squuegee,
  • sufece,
  • squeeks,
  • sqeeze,
  • succee,
  • squeeases,
  • squess,
  • sauceage,
  • squezy,
  • squegee,
  • squeely,
  • squueze,
  • squeezey,
  • squews,
  • saugege,
  • squeezeing,
  • sweeze,
  • squeecky,
  • squezee,
  • squeek,
  • queez,
  • sequece,
  • squeem,
  • squezz,
  • squoze,
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  • squeegies,
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  • seeze,
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  • squence,
  • squeerl.

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First Squeeze!


Studio album by Juice=Juice

First Squeeze! is the first studio album by Japanese girl idol group Juice=Juice. It was released on 15 July 2015 on the label Hachama.

Plus-Tech Squeeze Box


Musical band

Plus-Tech Squeeze Box are a Japanese electronic music band. The frenetic sound of their first album FAKEVOX is driven by rudimentary synthesized sounds and heavily manipulated samples from a variety of sources, including 1950s jazz and big band recordings.

Squeeze a Flower


1970 film

Squeeze a Flower is a 1970 Australian comedy film directed by Marc Daniels and starring Walter Chiari.

Squeeze Tarela


Musical artist

Tarela Henry Ekaye... also known as Squeeze Tarela is a reggae/dancehall, Afro fusion artiste and a song-writer. Squeeze Tarela is nicknamed Record Killa and Don Uber Fresh. He recently signed to independent U.K label JustJoJo Entertainment.


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Quotes for squeeze:

  1. Its going to be a squeeze, but we have got to put our men and women in uniform ahead of everything else. We've got to be treating our reservists fairly before we move on to other procurements.
  2. I squeeze oranges every morning to make juice.
  3. I'll squeeze the cider out of your adam's apple.
  4. It was so kind of you to mention that I don't wear stays. What's the point? If you squeeze it in at one point, it only comes out at the other.
  5. I like to create the music I hear in my interior. As a conductor, you have the ability to squeeze the sounds and interpretation you asked for from 50 to 80 people.

Rhymes for squeeze:

  1. keyes, cheese, sneeze, deas, peas, meis, teas, friese, flees, tease, dees, frieze, wheeze, breese, fees, leas, skis, geez, please, feese, glees, knees, beas, sleaze, mease, bees, neis, neese, trees, jeez, seize, threes, z's, bes, ease, sies, seas, liese, nees, crees, keys, hees, kees, pease, neas, vees, sprees, frees, freeze, saez, fleas, cees, preis, these, lees, tees, pleas, she's, mees, deis, reis, sees, breeze, gies, rees, reas, keas;
  2. unease, draftees, maltese, reprise, burmese, appease, displease, trainees, aziz, disease, pawnees, scorsese, decrees, agrees, foresees, degrees, cds, chinese, belize, cadiz, louise, jaycees, rupees, lessees, trustees, ortiz, chemise, andries, trapeze;
  3. sinhalese, appointees, guarantees, amputees, nominees, siamese, journalese, javanese, licensees, inductees, timorese, annamese, referees, returnees, ccs, enlistees, cantonese, japanese, conferees, disagrees, escapees, designees, enrollees, absentees, nepalese, taiwanese, retirees, franchisees, overseas, balinese, expertise, internees, honorees, sudanese, devotees, guaranties, detainees;
  4. abts, stds, interviewees, indochinese;

Translations for squeeze:

Afrikaans word for Squeeze


Arabic word for Squeeze


Chinese words for Squeeze

挤出, 挤紧, 压榨, 压扁.

Dutch words for Squeeze

drukken, knijpen, persen, uitknijpen.

French words for Squeeze

appuyer, exprimer, serrer, contraction, restriction, essorer, presser, pincer, resserrement, comprimer.

German words for Squeeze

zwingen, Druck, Engpass, Pression, Klemme, pressen, auspressen, quetschen, abquetschen, ausquetschen, zudrücken.

Greek word for Squeeze


Hindi word for Squeeze


Italian word for Squeeze


Japanese words for Squeeze

絞る, スクイーズ, スクイズ, 押し縮める, 強く押す.

Javanese word for Squeeze


Korean word for Squeeze

꽉 잡다.

Malay word for Squeeze


Marathi word for Squeeze


Polish word for Squeeze


Portuguese words for Squeeze

apertar, aperto, contrair, espremer, compressão, apertão, espremedura.

Romanian word for Squeeze

a strânge.

Spanish words for Squeeze

sacar, contraer, estrechar, presionar, apretar, torcer, aplastar, contraerse, exprimir, estrujar, apretón, restricciones, estrujón, comprimir, oprimir, aprovechar al máximo, apretujar.

Tamil word for Squeeze


Ukrainian word for Squeeze


Vietnamese word for Squeeze

siết chặt.