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Correct spelling: squeeze


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This graph shows how "squeeze" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for squeeze:

  1. Then put them into a linen bag, and squeeze out all the juice.
  2. Squeeze them through a linen bag which has been wrung out of cold water.
  3. Then drain it and squeeze it.

Quotes for squeeze:

  1. Its going to be a squeeze, but we have got to put our men and women in uniform ahead of everything else. We've got to be treating our reservists fairly before we move on to other procurements. - Mark Dayton
  2. I squeeze oranges every morning to make juice. - Utada Hikaru
  3. I'll squeeze the cider out of your adam's apple. - Moe Howard
  4. It was so kind of you to mention that I don't wear stays. What's the point? If you squeeze it in at one point, it only comes out at the other. - Lillie Langtry
  5. I like to create the music I hear in my interior. As a conductor, you have the ability to squeeze the sounds and interpretation you asked for from 50 to 80 people. - Eberhard Weber

Rhymes for squeeze:

  1. absentees, amputees, annamese, appointees, balinese, cantonese, ccs, conferees, designees, detainees, devotees, disagrees, enlistees, enrollees, escapees, expertise, franchisees, guarantees, guaranties, honorees, inductees, internees, japanese, javanese, journalese, licensees, nepalese, nominees, overseas, referees, retirees, returnees, siamese, sinhalese, sudanese, taiwanese, timorese.
  2. abts, indochinese, interviewees, stds.
  3. agrees, andries, appease, aziz, belize, burmese, cadiz, cds, chemise, chinese, decrees, degrees, disease, displease, draftees, foresees, jaycees, lessees, louise, maltese, ortiz, pawnees, reprise, rupees, scorsese, trainees, trapeze, trustees, unease.
  4. beas, bees, bes, breese, breeze, cees, cheese, crees, deas, dees, deis, ease, fees, feese, fleas, flees, frees, freeze, friese, frieze, geez, gies, glees, hees, jeez, keas, kees, keyes, keys, knees, leas, lees, liese, mease, mees, meis, neas, nees, neese, neis, peas, pease, pleas, please, preis, reas, rees, reis, saez, seas, sees, seize, she's, sies, skis, sleaze, sneeze, sprees, teas, tease, tees, these, threes, trees, vees, wheeze, z's.

Idioms for squeeze:

  1. put the squeeze on sb
  2. squeeze sm or sth through ( sth)
  3. squeeze ( themselves) together
  4. put the squeeze on sm
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