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How To Spell stable?

Correct spelling: stable

Definition of stable:

  1. shelter in a stable; "stable horses"

List of misspellings for stable:

  • sumble,
  • hatable,
  • postible,
  • establiah,
  • stablish,
  • scabble,
  • sutably,
  • stableize,
  • suscetible,
  • siutable,
  • suttable,
  • skyblue,
  • taable,
  • symbel,
  • tablw,
  • stablise,
  • stabes,
  • statel,
  • stabed,
  • sustinable,
  • sudible,
  • sturglle,
  • staber,
  • sustanibale,
  • tabble,
  • silible,
  • stablize,
  • spotable,
  • stiyle,
  • stabliliy,
  • scibble,
  • sylabale,
  • strbel,
  • estable,
  • tablee,
  • zoomable,
  • tablle,
  • sutbtle,
  • firstble,
  • samble,
  • stabiliz,
  • styable,
  • stablity,
  • acetabular,
  • tabel,
  • resetable,
  • suaitable,
  • writeable,
  • stabil,
  • tsable,
  • strechable,
  • sotable,
  • stablizor,
  • stabilit,
  • sosable,
  • thetable,
  • stabley,
  • smittybilt,
  • sutable,
  • ustable,
  • sutibal,
  • firstaball,
  • ntable,
  • stableiser,
  • symble,
  • styrle,
  • patable,
  • suitibly,
  • versitable,
  • styule,
  • stayl,
  • stillbe,
  • stalll,
  • pitable,
  • stabb,
  • stobe,
  • sattle,
  • sutabble,
  • sustainbale,
  • sutibly,
  • stabelize,
  • suitsble,
  • festible,
  • stabilise,
  • steaglle,
  • questable,
  • stayle,
  • stuble,
  • certaibnly,
  • sutaible,
  • stabl,
  • stumbel,
  • suitaable,
  • suable,
  • harvestable,
  • customable,
  • suitbale,
  • natable,
  • suiable,
  • sustaible.

What does the abbreviation stable mean?


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Quotes for stable:

  1. A stable, changeless state, 'twere cause indeed to weep.
  2. It would behoove the world to become used to this fact: that without a just solution to the Palestine tragedy, there can be no stable peace in the Middle East.
  3. If you don't have solid beliefs you cannot build a stable life. Beliefs are like the foundation of a building, and they are the foundation to build your life upon.
  4. My wife and I are a team, and it's good for my work because I'm interested in working from a stable base.
  5. I think I'd like to stay anchoring because, number one, I'm learning a lot, and I love it when I'm learning. And number two, I also have the luxury of a stable life.

Rhymes for stable:

  1. mable, stabile, hable, mabel, label, table, kable, sable;
  2. abell, gable, fable, abel, cable, able;
  3. unable, unstable, mislabel, disable, enable;

Translations for stable:

Afrikaans word for Stable


Arabic word for Stable


Chinese words for Stable

稳定的, 稳固, 马房, 稳当.

Dutch words for Stable

vast, stevig, stabiel, stal, paardenstal, bestendig.

French words for Stable

stable, constant, durable, firme, permanente, stationnaire, écurie, mettre à l'écurie, solides, stabilisé.

German words for Stable

abstellen, solide, fest, unterbringen, haltbar, stabil, standfest, krisenfest, Stall, dauerhaft, standsicher, gefestigt, wertbeständig, Pferdestall, Rennstall, Stallgebäude, Stallung, Viehstall.

Greek word for Stable


Italian word for Stable


Japanese words for Stable

馬小屋, 相撲部屋, うまや, 廐舎, うまごや, きゅう舎, きゅうしゃ, 廏舎, 牧舎, 厩, ぼくしゃ, 厩舎, 廏, 廐, すもうべや, 馬屋.

Polish word for Stable


Portuguese words for Stable

estáveis, duradouro, estabilizado, curral, estrebaria, sólidos, cavalariça, cocheira.

Russian words for Stable

стабильный, устойчивый, постоянный, неизменный, конюшня, стабилизированный, хлев.

Spanish words for Stable

seguro, fijo, resistentes, constante, estable, establo, estables, segura, cuadra, caballeriza.

Ukrainian word for Stable