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Correct spelling: stages

Common misspellings for stages:

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What does the abbreviation stages mean?

STAGES abbreviation definitions:
–  Swine Testing And Genetic Evaluation System
–  Strength Through All Girl Education and Support

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Quotes for stages:

  1. And then we've got Blades of Glory, and we've got Brothers Solomon, and I've got a script in development with this guy Chuck Martin who used to write on Arrested, and, you know, we have a few things in various stages of development.
  2. At some stages of your life you will deal with things and at others you are overwhelmed with misery and anxiety.
  3. During the earliest stages the child perceives things like a solipsist who is unaware of himself as subject and is familiar only with his own actions.
  4. America is a country that seems forever to be toddler or teenager, at those two stages of human development characterized by conflict between autonomy and security.
  5. Everyone has a childhood, everyone had awkward years and weird stages. Mine were broadcast for eight years.

Rhymes for stages:

  1. wages, gauges, ages, cages, sages, pages, mages, rages;
  2. engages, osages;