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How To Spell stare?

Correct spelling: stare

What are the misspellings for stare ?

  • staper,
  • sterio,
  • strea,
  • starte,
  • s'more,
  • storer,
  • starway,
  • hatre,
  • sguare,
  • steoro,
  • strearm,
  • staure,
  • satared,
  • satge,
  • srore,
  • strreet,
  • suaro,
  • storae,
  • strage,
  • sttory,
  • cetnre,
  • natore,
  • strate,
  • starater,
  • sentre,
  • cetre,
  • steril,
  • straegy,
  • softawre,
  • stotre,
  • sutre,
  • stiry,
  • sahrd,
  • thatre,
  • storre,
  • dohtare,
  • mystary,
  • strape,
  • stoar,
  • sature,
  • straigh,
  • starrt,
  • sattire,
  • steake,
  • stayde,
  • stoary,
  • storei,
  • softeware,
  • stree,
  • starke,
  • sttae,
  • stari,
  • fostercare,
  • staregy,
  • gutare,
  • strach,
  • natyre,
  • strade,
  • stearol,
  • sotre,
  • starein,
  • stafe,
  • swuare,
  • sistre,
  • rstore,
  • steri,
  • storu,
  • strereo,
  • streer,
  • strigh,
  • strore,
  • esstuary,
  • sortware,
  • charcetr,
  • sinareo,
  • stearl,
  • strue,
  • stearial,
  • stacher,
  • sotware,
  • ecetara,
  • storie,
  • sauare,
  • softwrae,
  • stren,
  • staber,
  • visitore,
  • stret,
  • sollitare,
  • suare,
  • stoargae,
  • starat,
  • soare,
  • sceret,
  • skarey,
  • strret,
  • strag,
  • straed,
  • steere,
  • satry.

What is the definition of stare?

  1. To affect by staring.
  2. 1. To look intently or fixedly with wide-open eyes at any object. 2. An intent gaze.

What does the abbreviation stare mean?

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What are the quotes for stare?

  1. The best thing to do is stare it in the face and move on. We have to face our fears and plow through. I think taking chances takes a lot more courage than staying stagnant and doing what's safe and comfortable.
  2. Stare, pry, listen, eavesdrop. Die knowing something. You are not here long.
  3. I always find it kind of embarrassing, kind of funny, and kind of exciting. In New York I'm recognized a lot, although nobody says anything. You know, they stare at you just a second too long. But in Paris it's not as commonplace to be recognized.
  4. Happiness is like a cloud, if you stare at it long enough, it evaporates.
  5. I don't stare at a sheet of paper and try to think of a good word to use. I try to see where the story should go.

What are the rhymes for stare?

  1. ware, gair, glare, darr, pare, snare, hair, mare, flare, khmer, swear, square, lare, err, pear, werre, terre, scare, fer, bair, pair, ne'er, wear, ferre, they're, maire, gare, hare, tear, air, where, chair, herr, claire, clair, gehr, hehr, kehr, mair, cher, their, faire, eyre, bahr, skare, serr, care, sayre, clare, guerre, heir, share, nair, bare, derr, flair, rare, there, lair, baer, fare, dare, blare, spare, stair, fair, mer, lehr, blair, bear, sare, prayer;
  2. beware, despair, ensnare, abair, unfair, comair, alair, declare, prepare, voltaire, montclair, allaire, adaire, adair, o'hare, midair, swissair, forswear, moliere, belair, repair, aware, impair, dispair, sinclair, affair, mcnair, astaire, compare, pierre;
  3. debonair, solitaire, unaware, javier, disrepair, usair, doctrinaire, millionaire, billionaire, aer, questionnaire, icelandair;
  4. concessionaire;
  5. multimillionaire;

What are the translations for stare?

Chinese words for Stare

凝, 睚, 目不转睛, 眇, 睢, 睽, 瞠目, 发直, 盯着看.

Dutch words for Stare

turen, staar, staren, aanstaren.

French words for Stare

regard fixe, regarder fixement, avoir le regard fixe.

German words for Stare

Fixer, starren, stieren, glotzen, gaffen.

Greek word for Stare

κοιτάζω επίμονα.

Hindi word for Stare


Italian word for Stare


Japanese word for Stare


Javanese word for Stare


Malay word for Stare


Norwegian word for Stare


Polish word for Stare

gapić się.

Portuguese word for Stare


Romanian word for Stare

a privi.

Spanish words for Stare

mirada, mirada fija, mirar fijamente, encarar, quedarse mirando.

Swedish word for Stare


Tamil word for Stare


Turkish word for Stare


Ukrainian word for Stare

пильно дивитися.