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How To Spell starvation?

Correct spelling: starvation

List of misspellings for starvation:

  • stituation,
  • startvation,
  • staturation,
  • sgarvation,
  • stravition,
  • slavation,
  • mativation,
  • motavation,
  • starvtion,
  • stopmotion,
  • stutation,
  • statation,
  • syarvation,
  • staevation,
  • satifaction,
  • xtarvation,
  • situvation,
  • stadvation,
  • atarvation,
  • motorvation,
  • stagation,
  • satifactioly,
  • obstervation,
  • sitiutation,
  • servation,
  • savation,
  • satiffaction,
  • stsrvation,
  • sadifaction,
  • certifiation,
  • stipuation,
  • stwrvation,
  • bastardation,
  • starfation,
  • motervation,
  • situauation,
  • s6arvation,
  • stifaction,
  • stafvation,
  • retavation,
  • starbation,
  • stastion,
  • motavition,
  • stzrvation,
  • ztarvation,
  • osbervation,
  • startion,
  • acitvation,
  • rentavation,
  • strvation,
  • sitituation,
  • satafiaction,
  • situitaition,
  • satifacition,
  • wtarvation,
  • situtuation,
  • sfarvation,
  • ststion,
  • satusfation,
  • sataifaction,
  • restavration,
  • stattion,
  • satisaftion,
  • etarvation,
  • satisaction,
  • certiifation,
  • satfaction,
  • satifation,
  • stration,
  • satifacion,
  • starvasion,
  • statvation,
  • situatuation,
  • dtarvation,
  • sitauation,
  • starvations,
  • srarvation,
  • stqrvation,
  • staguation,
  • satruation,
  • starvztion,
  • satisfation,
  • sudivison,
  • satafaction,
  • statition,
  • sta4vation,
  • satifcation,
  • starcation,
  • sitatuation,
  • stravation,
  • sadisfation,
  • sta5vation,
  • citatation,
  • s5arvation,
  • situatation,
  • stavation,
  • situitation,
  • satiafaction,
  • stravtion,
  • stargation.

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1989 film

Bhukha or Bhookha is a 1989 Sambalpuri language film directed by Sabyasachi Mohapatra. The movie was produced by Mohapatra under the banner of Kumar Productions and had music by Ramesh Kumar Mahananda.

Starvation Draw


Starvation Draw, a valley in the Cookes Range, in Luna County, New Mexico. Its mouth lies at an elevation of 4291 feet. Its source lies at an elevation of 5800 feet, at 32°29′43″N 107°42′35″W, in the Cookes Range, on the south slope of Rattlesnake Ridge.

Starvation Hill

Starvation Island



Starvation Island on the Navesink River in Rumson, New Jersey was a small island located between Sea Bright and Barley Point. Early in the 20th century, it was inhabited by Red Bank oysterman George Frick and also fisherman Thomas Schwindt, and then other families began to build bungalows.

Starvation Lake: A Mystery


Book by Bryan Gruley

Starvation Lake is a book written by Bryan Gruley and published by Touchstone Books on 3 March 2009, which later went on to win the Anthony Award for Best Paperback Original and Nominee for Best First Novel in 2010.

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Quotes for starvation:

  1. Furthermore, they were constantly informed by all the camp authorities that they had been abandoned by the world: they were beggars and lucky to receive the daily soup of starvation.
  2. The real scientist is ready to bear privation and, if need be, starvation rather than let anyone dictate to him which direction his work must take.
  3. I did not feel 'evil' when I wrote advertisements for Puerto Rico. They helped attract industry and tourists to a country which had been living on the edge of starvation for 400 years.
  4. Fortunately, this is not something that we see a lot of. Very rarely do you see a dog in this terrible shape from starvation. People just aren't that cruel.
  5. Who wants a world in which the guarantee that we shall not die of starvation entails the risk of dying of boredom?

Rhymes for starvation:

  1. disorganization, intonation, sophistication, plantation, dramatization, incrustation, illumination, complication, prognostication, gyration, filtration, depredation, recantation, desegregation, irrigation, hybridization, derivation, immunization, pressurization, commendation, aggravation, maximization, electrification, fragmentation, destabilization, deliberation, dilation, convocation, delegation, fumigation, replication, aspiration, cogitation, croatian, demarcation, levitation, inactivation, ramification, recommendation, validation, sedation, civilization, migration, figuration, desalination, ligation, notification, undervaluation, expectation, qualification, oration, granulation, dalmatian, socialization, cancellation, concatenation, admiration, justification, hydrogenation, evacuation, proliferation, denationalization, segregation, insemination, conversation, redecoration, intimation, procrastination, appellation, neutralization, intoxication, equalization, glorification, regulation, designation, condemnation, conciliation, mobilization, fibrillation, annihilation, mineralization, reconfiguration, excavation, inspiration, extermination, declaration, culmination, dehydration, cremation, consternation, impregnation, dissipation, ovulation, politicization, profanation, excitation, authentication, dehumanization, formation, translation, dedication, information, pronunciation, collaboration, disinclination, disembarkation, sanitation, invocation, publication, inundation, germination, association, tabulation, imagination, preparation, incubation, desalinization, reunification, deprivation, insulation, misappropriation, duration, perforation, sensation, conservation, evocation, registration, optimization, indentation, gratification, immigration, securitization, appropriation, implementation, congratulation, exploitation, sterilization, indignation, deflation, allocation, rotation, desiccation, detonation, integration, diversification, stalinization, stipulation, perpetuation, reclassification, reparation, indexation, amputation, fixation, desolation, exfoliation, assimilation, consideration, mummification, affirmation, miscreation, adjudication, distillation, usurpation, incantation, emancipation, configuration, legislation, intimidation, vacation, generation, codification, overvaluation, restoration, certification, desecration, decentralization, rejuvenation, lactation, degradation, falsification, communication, remediation, libration, horatian, conflagration, preoccupation, animation, coagulation, globalization, gradation, reconciliation, innovation, inoculation, inflation, subluxation, confiscation, instrumentation, dissociation, oscillation, elevation, utilization, elimination, coordination, damnation, deviation, imputation, evaporation, corroboration, telecommunication, vegetation, sequestration, amalgamation, correlation, foundation, deification, equitation, christianization, organisation, prefabrication, nationalization, identification, exhortation, computerization, monopolization, cooperation, fascination, clarification, nitration, expropriation, incarnation, saturation, graduation, nullification, irritation, education, duplication, unification, manifestation, fabrication, conjugation, mutation, preservation, donation, centralization, ornamentation, menstruation, crustacean, negation, salvation, exhilaration, jubilation, decontamination, personification, colonization, incoordination, discrimination, excommunication, discontinuation, calculation, adulation, combination, perturbation, vacillation, initiation, concentration, exhalation, sanctification, corporation, occupation, regimentation, depopulation, repatriation, collectivization, altercation, gentrification, normalization, subordination, negotiation, mechanization, bifurcation, notation, exasperation, polarization, aviation, reincarnation, democratization, exacerbation, defamation, violation, reputation, renovation, alleviation, reiteration, adaptation, agitation, elongation, confabulation, renegotiation, fluoridation, importation, summation, incorporation, expiration, temptation, reevaluation, visitation, laceration, privatisation, cultivation, tribulation, disinflation, meditation, rededication, destination, insubordination, rectification, syndication, mutilation, rehydration, application, nomination, strangulation, determination, limitation, capitulation, standardization, calibration, presentation, deregulation, transportation, transplantation, investigation, misinformation, anticipation, pigmentation, permutation, advocation, quotation, purification, liberalization, commercialization, infatuation, refutation, repudiation, hyperinflation, malformation, oxidation, habitation, impersonation, modulation, coronation, incapacitation, refrigeration, ordination, indoctrination, mediation, ionization, alienation, ratification, federation, gastrulation, disqualification, escalation, stagflation, contemplation, inhalation, insinuation, vaccination, location, reconsideration, approbation, reinterpretation, recreation, compilation, deportation, detoxification, documentation, estimation, radiation, decertification, resignation, situation, arbitration, titillation, augmentation, characterization, contamination, amplification, operation, stabilization, legalization, appalachian, dissemination, predestination, respiration, ossification, elaboration, invitation, reinvigoration, specification, amortization, exaggeration, prostration, misrepresentation, reexamination, pagination, reallocation, procreation, personalization, conglomeration, demonstration, demobilization, localization, verification, origination, incrimination, relocation, ventilation, industrialization, quantification, reclamation, proration, pacification, demoralization, inhabitation, depravation, exoneration, stimulation, enumeration, pontification, fluctuation, mitigation, isolation, disputation, discoloration, orientation, consummation, urbanization, participation, vilification, instigation, renomination, realization, pasteurization, narration, misapplication, miscalculation, machination, solicitation, inauguration, classification, sarmatian, provocation, balkanization, differentiation, facilitation, hospitalization, interrogation, exhumation, navigation, authorization, condensation, indemnification, marginalization, revaluation, avocation, relaxation, recalculation, organization, rehabilitation, allegation, desperation, divination, protestation, examination, ministration, variation, automation, consolation, infiltration, consecration, premeditation, specialization, revitalization, modification, hydration, unionization, articulation, triangulation, implantation, magnification, vibration, misidentification, westernization, degeneration, simplification, fermentation, continuation, stagnation, equivocation, modernization, disinformation, explication, taxation, recitation, gravitation, remuneration, approximation, vulgarization, recrimination, evaluation, gestation, echolocation, perspiration, explanation, hesitation, confirmation, annexation, flotation, disintegration, litigation, nondiscrimination, magnetization, retardation, decapitation, rumination, revocation, experimentation, toleration, flirtation, exclamation, privation, precipitation, hallucination, popularization, argumentation, medication, revelation, molestation, categorization, irradiation, inclination, computation, manipulation, probation, agglomeration, exploration, saponification, victimization, fortification, optation, installation, confederation, accumulation, obligation, miniaturization, demonization, demodulation, misinterpretation, invalidation, dislocation, subsidization, reforestation, appreciation, self-congratulation, inflammation, deforestation, sedimentation, reformation, domestication, population, reconfirmation, ejaculation, affrication, propagation, implication, masturbation, eradication, generalization, amelioration, cohabitation, constipation, constellation, termination, commemoration, visualization, improvisation, recuperation, valuation, moderation, dictation, devaluation, humiliation, emulation, obfuscation, fertilization, simulation, domination, reservation, affectation, motivation, consultation, hibernation, imitation, adoration, proclamation, harmonization, representation, embarkation, dissertation, orchestration, miseration, depreciation, expatriation, criminalization, reverberation, intensification, denomination, formulation, transillumination, reorganization, transformation, congregation, indication, suffocation, lubrication, observation, compensation, edification, dispensation, palpitation, alteration, frustration, connotation, punctuation, coloration, disorientation, extrapolation, emigration, retaliation, reaffirmation, nonproliferation, dilatation, backwardation, annotation, gasification, liberation, ovation, overpopulation, glaciation, creation, substantiation, vaporization, vindication, renunciation, miscommunication, denunciation, trepidation, recertification, speculation, elation, consolidation, corp, regeneration, reauthorization, nucleation, deformation, illustration, communization, relation, celebration, reaffiliation, infestation, emanation, interpretation, ostentation, reflation, liquidation, maturation, assassination, resuscitation, segmentation, privatization, naturalization, suburbanization, pollination, vocation, incarceration, decoration, deceleration, devastation, foliation, affiliation, delineation, confrontation, rationalization, separation, russification, multiplication;
  2. nation, haitian, ration, station;
  3. castration, causation, cetacean, citation, alsatian, cessation, carnation;
  4. activation, accusation, acclimation, abdication, abrogation, aberration;
  5. abomination, accreditation, abbreviation, acceleration, accommodation;
  6. alphabetization, acidification, capitalization, cannibalization;
  7. decriminalization, americanization, demilitarization, antidiscrimination;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

Translations for starvation:

Arabic word for Starvation


Bengali word for Starvation


Dutch word for Starvation


French words for Starvation

faim, famine, privation, inanition.

German words for Starvation

hungern, Hunger, verhungern, Hungertod.

Hindi word for Starvation


Italian word for Starvation


Japanese word for Starvation


Javanese word for Starvation


Malay word for Starvation


Marathi word for Starvation

उपासमार घडवणे.

Norwegian word for Starvation


Romanian word for Starvation


Spanish words for Starvation

hambre, hambruna, inanición.

Swedish word for Starvation