How To Spell stationery?

Correct spelling: stationery

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What are the quotes for stationery?

  1. I saw a stationery store move.
  2. If I was a criminal, stationery stores and bakeries would be the two kinds of places I would concentrate on.

What are the rhymes for stationery?

  1. stationary;
  2. inflationary, deflationary, probationary;

What are the translations for stationery?

Afrikaans word for Stationery


Arabic word for Stationery

أَدَوَاتٌ مَكْتَبِيَّة.

Bengali word for Stationery


Chinese word for Stationery


Dutch words for Stationery

kantoorbenodigdheden, schrijfwaren, kantoorartikelen, kantoorbehoeften, schrijfgerei, schrijfbenodigdheden.

French words for Stationery

articles de papeterie, papier à lettre.

German words for Stationery

Schreibwaren, Briefpapier, Büromaterial, Bürobedarf, Büroartikel, Schreibmaterial, Schreibwarenhandlung, Papeterie, Papierwaren, Papierware, Geschäftsdrucksachen, Firmenbriefpapier, Papeteriematerial, Schreibzeug, Schreibmaterialien, Schreibbedarf, Büropapier.

Greek word for Stationery

γραφική ύλη.

Hindi word for Stationery


Italian word for Stationery


Japanese word for Stationery


Javanese word for Stationery

Alat tulis.

Malay word for Stationery

Alat tulis.

Marathi word for Stationery


Norwegian word for Stationery


Polish word for Stationery

materiały piśmienne.

Portuguese word for Stationery

artigos de papelaria.

Romanian word for Stationery

articol de papetărie.

Russian words for Stationery

канцелярские товары, канцтовары, почтовая бумага.

Spanish words for Stationery

material de papelería, material de oficina, artículos de papelería, material de escritorio, papel de escribir, artículos de escritorio.

Swedish word for Stationery


Tamil word for Stationery

காகிதம் முதலிய எழுது பொருள்கள்.

Turkish word for Stationery


Ukrainian word for Stationery