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How To Spell steady?

Correct spelling: steady

What is the definition of steady?

  1. relating to a person who does something regularly; "a regular customer"; "a steady drinker"

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What are the rhymes for steady?

  1. teddie, teddy, heady, reddy, redi, hedi, unsteady, ready, medi;
  2. freddie, edie, eadie, eddie, freddy, eddy;
  3. tancredi, already;

What are the translations for steady?

Afrikaans word for Steady


Bengali word for Steady


French words for Steady

stable, constant, continu, firme, poser, calmer, stabiliser, soutenu, permanente, fixe, ferme, progressif, continuel, calmar, croissante.

German words for Steady

ordentlich, gleichbleibend, kontinuierlich, permanent, solide, ausgleichen, konstant, stetig, fest, ruhig, stabil, regulär, festigen, standfest, dauerhaft, stabilisieren, ruhiger werden, bleibend, standhaft, fest machen, zur Vernunft bringen.

Italian words for Steady

costante, progressivo.

Japanese words for Steady

着実, 安定した, ステディ, ステディー, 几帳面, きちょうめん, 聢り, 確り, たゆまぬ, あんていした, 弛まぬ, しっかりした.

Javanese word for Steady


Malay word for Steady


Portuguese words for Steady

acentuado, contínuo, consistente, constantes, sustentado, estacionário, fixo, fixa, continuada, invariável, estabilizado, com firmeza.

Russian word for Steady


Spanish words for Steady

seguro, quieto, controlar, fijo, constante, estable, estabilizar, efectivo, firmar, creciente, persistente, estables, equilibrado, progresivo, tranquilizar, sostenido, continuado, ininterrumpido, controlado, inalterado.

Swedish word for Steady