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Correct spelling: Stearn

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Stearn \s-tea-rn\

stern; star
Stearn as a boy's name is a variant of Sterne (Middle English, German), and the meaning of Stearn is "stern; star".
stern, Stearns, Stearne.

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Examples of usage for Stearn:

  1. Stearn of Cambridge; Messrs. – Rowing by Rudolf Chambers Lehmann

Rhymes for Stearn:

  1. berne, durn, turn, verne, stearne, hern, hearne, hurn, dern, bern, kearn, urn, sterne, burn, erne, cern, hearn, byrne, learn, spurn, vern, kern, stern, yearn, earn, burne, churn, fern, herne;
  2. discern, sauterne, laverne, ahern, concern, aherne, ahearn, return, upturn, adjourn;
  3. unconcern;