How To Spell stern?

Correct spelling: stern


stern; star
Stern as a boy's name is a variant of Sterne (Middle English, German), and the meaning of Stern is "stern; star".

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What are the rhymes for stern?

  1. learn, bern, berne, stearn, earn, kearn, urn, kern, herne, dern, spurn, durn, yearn, verne, sterne, fern, burne, burn, hern, hearn, turn, vern, cern, erne, churn, hurn, byrne, hearne, stearne;
  2. return, concern, sauterne, discern, aherne, ahern, ahearn, adjourn, laverne, upturn;
  3. unconcern;

What are the translations for stern?

Chinese words for Stern

船尾, 虾, 饬, > 严厉的.

Dutch words for Stern

sober, achterschip, hard, strak, meedogenloos, onherbergzaam, onbuigzaam.

French words for Stern

grave, firme, rigoureux, solennel, strict, poupe.

German words for Stern

streng, ernst, Spiegel, Hinterteil, strikt, Heck, Stern, Achterschiff, Hinterschiff.

Greek word for Stern


Hindi word for Stern


Italian word for Stern


Japanese words for Stern

けわしい, 厳い, イカチー, 冷厳, 嶮しい, 苛烈, 険しい, いかつい, 厳つい, 艫, スータン.

Korean word for Stern


Malay words for Stern

Tegas, Buritan.

Portuguese words for Stern

rigoroso, rigorosa, sisudo, sérias.

Russian words for Stern

кормовой, жёсткий, корма, неумолимый.

Spanish words for Stern

duro, severo, austero, popa, intransigente.

Swedish word for Stern


Vietnamese word for Stern

nghiêm khắc.